Propelling into the future

By Rosemarie Gonzalez
September 19, 2002

There is a new hit on the market. No, it’s not a new song. No, it’s not a movie. Definitely not a new book or musical. And no, it’s not a new trend of clothing. It’s Propel: Flavored Fitness Water by Gatorade.

Everyone has heard of Gatorade. That’s the drink that comes in all of the possible different colors you can think of and that many athletes swear by. Well, the reason that mostly athletes drink Gatorade is because they are constantly in motion and they need something to replenish themselves with. It is a great thirst quencher and good for obtaining energy too.

Annie Nguyen, sophomore, cross-country runner said, “I drink Gatorade when I work out because of the good taste and it helps me to get the energy I need.”

Gatorade was specifically created for the Florida Gators as an aid to their needs while playing football. “It is used to replace electrolytes lost in sweat when you do some physical activity,” Dr. Tony Verde of the Exercise Science department said. “It became very popular down South after the Florida Gators were using it, and it just caught on everywhere.”

But the new product, Propel, is designed to be even better than Gatorade. It is a much lighter beverage than Gatorade and is designed for people who want to work out, and are tired of just drinking plain old water. Propel also contains vitamins B, C and E, which are essential in your daily intake but best of all they come in four different flavors so you can choose to try whatever suits you. Flavors included are lemon, orange, berry and black cherry. So pick your favorite.

“I think I tried it once. It’s pretty good. I just drank it because it was something new,” Matt Dietrich, sophomore, Elementary Education major who coaches sports at his old high school, said.

Propel is proven just to be the better choice over Gatorade because it is intended to not only quench your thirst, but help you drink more and more to keep you well hydrated. It is a fact that lighter flavored drinks are proven to give you the motivation to drink more than something artificial or more heavily flavored. The flavor of Propel is a plus and it includes the vitamins necessary to live a completely healthy lifestyle that every active person should have.

Jennifer Howitz, junior, lifeguard at the Dixon Center said, “It’s really good. It’s light like water, not as heavy as Gatorade, yet it does replenish you better than water would after a workout.”

Since it is a fairly new product, Propel is not as popular as Gatorade yet, but it is getting there. Some people have yet to try the new drink and see what the big deal is, but until then we will have those few who still prefer water or the ever-popular Gatorade.

Kristen Boone, freshman volleyball player said, “I think I tried it once. It’s not bad, but I can only drink water when I work out. My friend had it, and I thought I would like it. For a drink it’s not bad. It seems like it would be light enough to drink when working out, but I personally like water.”

And water may be all you need anyway. Aside from the claims that Propel is better than water or Gatorade, Dr. Verde continued to say, “It is a marketing scam. Just as Gatorade did well, then it is expected that Propel will. It is just flavored water. All you need to replace what your body has lost during a workout is water. Your body will naturally take care of itself if you drink just water. That is good enough.”

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Rosemarie Gonzalez

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