Prominent artists start 2015 with a bang

By Tyron Davis
February 16, 2015

sorry for the wait 2 toxicity

By Tyron Davis

Asst. News Editor

Lil Wayne released his “Sorry 4 The Wait 2” mixtape and it was decent. After all, it is Lil Wayne though. Who does not enjoy the rapper’s flow and metaphors on some of the hottest beats out right now?

Some people may think Lil Wayne is washed up, that he can not rap or that he is fake. He is always been able to drop a few great tracks that can add to the Lil Wayne’s greatest hits album.

The mixtape features preliminary records for what is to come on his Carter V album.

On almost all of Wayne’s mixtapes, he manages to create one or two songs that are his original tracks. “Used to” featuring Drake, was one of the songs on the “Sorry for the wait 2” mixtape that was thought to be one of his original songs.

It was a great song to listen to because it features Drake, one of the most prominent artists in the industry.

Then the unexpected happened.

Out of nowhere, Aubrey drops a new mixtape for his fans. “If Youre Reading This Its Too Late,” already has the potential to be at the top of Billboards 200 charts. It would make the mixtape a fourth consecutive release to top the charts.

The mixtape features 17 songs that could be listened to from beginning to end, on repeat. If you have not downloaded the mixtape then you should think about putting it in your agenda to do.

If you are not a fan of rap and hip hop then think about listening to The Weeknd. It’s more alternative, hipster and R&B. His music will make you feel mellow.

If you are not familiar with the name or the music it will behoove to start with his “Triology” album, a compilation of all of three of his previous albums.

The Weeknd is only getting more recognizable with now being featured on the “50 Shades of Grey” motion picture soundtrack with his hit “Earned It.”

It is almost like anyone that is associated with Republic Records are bound to be successful or maybe the record label just knows how to pick their artist.

It is all about picking albums and songs with the kind of mood you’re in. If you are in a weird mood then “1000 Forms of Fear” by Sia is a great album to listen to.

The album offers a variety of different messages through her songs with a different pace to every song.

One of the best albums to listen to when you’re angry is System of Down’s “Toxicity” album. Sometimes it is good to hear other people scream and the rapid bass playing through your ears.

According to about health, “music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to resonate in sync with the beat.” Concentration and more alert thinking is caused by faster beats and calmness is promoted by slower tempo songs. Maybe people see it as weird but its called music therapy.



Tyron Davis

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