Project Runway finale widely anticipated

By Megan Pellegrino
October 13, 2006

Everyone is on “pins and needles” waiting for The Project Runway finale that’s just a few days away! After weeks of vigorous challenges with fierce competition, the once 15 contestants has depleted to four. On Wednesday Oct. 18, the final four contestants will compete. They are Laura Bennett, Jeffrey Sebelia, Michael Knight and Uli Herzner.

Each of the four finalists come from extremely different backgrounds and show it through their different styles of fashion. Therefore, who is cut out to hold the title of winner of Project Runway and who will hear those famous words “You’re out?”

Will it be 42-year-old Laura Bennett from New York, N.Y.? Bennett is known for making clothes that are very flashy, not tacky, but have a fun elegant style to them. She usually uses beads and trim to give detail to her pieces. According to the Project Runway website, Bennett believes that when wearing clothing “Don’t be afraid to stand out and don’t follow trends.”

The next contestant is 36-year-old Jeffery Sebelia, who comes from Los Angeles, Calif. Sebelia’s unusual style of design has many unique ideas, notions and colors to make others see things out of the ordinary. Sebelia said on the Project Runway website, “What I hope to create are clothes for those who relate to freedom rebellion, creation and self expression.” He believes people should wear what they want to wear, do not worry about others and step outside of the crowd in fashion.

Then there is Michael Knight, the youngest a 28-year-old from Atlanta, Ga. According to the Project Runway website, Knight wants “to take over the world with his fashion.” Knight is known for his clothing that is edgy and not afraid to show some skin, but not overpowering with an extreme statement. Knight feels as though one should wear what one wants to wear and make sure at the same time it is comfortable. Do not listen to fashion ideas of others and build fashion pieces do not buy to match every piece of clothing to match each other.

Finally, last but definitely not least, there is Uli Herzner a 35-year-old from Miami, Fla. Herzner brings out the Miami flow and style in her clothing. She is known for free flowing material with patterns. Herzner designs pieces that are comfortable and yet would make one feel gorgeous. Her fashions are never tight and she feels that things should be loose to look best on a person.

Therefore, who should be the winner? Is it the fun and elegant Laura, or do people see her fashion sense as the judges do being somewhat boring and the same thing week after week? Is it Jeffery and his rebellious style going to win, or is his fashion too over the top for some? Should Michael and his sexy looks win over the people, or is it too much skin or is Uli the winner with her Miami patterns that move, or are the judges tired of seeing patterns week after week?

Who will truly be the winner of this addicting show that everyone loves? You be the judge of Project Runway and hear Heidi, the host of Project Runway, famous words, “whose fashion is in and whose is out.”

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Megan Pellegrino

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