Progress must be made for certain issues

By Staff Writer
November 4, 2004

Now that the presidential election is over the country must move forward as a united nation and push aside their hard feelings and come together as reasonable individuals. With that in mind the question remains how does the country resolve the issues that have divided its citizens come each election?

Some issues like abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research are particularly difficult to discuss and resolve because they arise from fundamental values and beliefs within people. In most cases, other topics of debate over the economy and war can yield to some form of agreement between the individuals so why do others seem irreconcilable?

Determining which candidate provides the better economic plan can easily be settled by reviewing past statistics and measures. Certain issues like economy strategies and war allow compromise in stances between the candidates and their supporters. So in these cases the past is an effective part of the choice for the future.

Although there are always two sides to economy and foreign policy, past statistical figures offer itself as a decisive factor to resolving the best campaign. If the option for reaching agreement is available to these issues then why can’t people work towards some sort of negotiation with topics like abortion and gay marriage?

It is astonishing how there is little cooperation between people when it comes to matters of abortion or gay marriage. Not to trivialize these subjects but why can’t people work towards some middle ground.

The only underlying similarity with issues like abortion and gay marriage is the fact religion plays heavily with a person’s motives in their decision on the topic. Issues like the economy and terrorism can be argued based on historical facts whereas abortion and gay marriage rely on the spiritual factors in individual’s lives.

It would be easy to blame the candidates for taking such strict opposing sides to these issues by arguing separation of church and state. How can we expect the politicians to allow for any give and take with these issues when the citizens themselves rarely concede to any middle ground?

Society needs to begin demanding separation of church and state in order for discussion over these seemingly discouraging topics. Why can’t we at least take the same approach towards abortion and gay marriage like we do for other important social matters?

The great thing about election season is that discussion begins unfortunately that dialogue rarely serves as a useful source of progress concerning the issues. The same conclusions can be given for each matter over and over again but until the people allow themselves to be open for new proposals, society will be stuck without any resolve.

At this point in time, the best solution is to continue open debates active and alive with each side. In a perfect world, compromise and respect for each person’s opinions would seem all too easy and less complicated.

The reality is people will remain firm to their beliefs on certain issues. Whether the government can ever achieve true separation of church and state in the way it decides its stance on matters, will be left up to the people to make this movement not the politicians.

People must at least give way to hope. Hope in terms of coming to a reasonable, fair solution for the way we live our lives and govern our people.

Posted to the Web by Lori Iannella

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Staff Writer

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