An inside look at the peer tutoring program coordinator

By Ryan Codkind
March 7, 2021

Did you know that the person running the Peer Tutoring Program at Cabrini is also a student himself?

Kyle Brett is currently the peer tutoring program coordinator at Cabrini University. In his current role, Brett is responsible for overseeing the tutoring program by making sure that tutors are providing appropriate academic support for the campus while also ensuring that students seeking that support are getting access to the resources that they need. When asked why he decided to take the position at Cabrini, Brett spoke about his passion for collaboration and seeing the student as a total person.

Photo of Kyle Brett, peer tutoring program coordinator. Photo by Academic Affairs.

“The job was in a field I love, it allowed me to stretch a bit from just being a tutor in a center to working with a team to run tutoring programs, and it was at a small university that prides itself on viewing students and people and not just the bottom line,” Brett said. 

While most institutions provide some sort of tutoring support for students, it was the combination of the supportive atmosphere and campus culture at Cabrini that drew Brett to this position and remains one of the reasons why he enjoys his role and the work that is done on a daily basis.

“I was immediately drawn to the campus culture here. Everyone seems to know everyone…I think my role here thrives on that connection between staff, faculty, and student,” Brett said. 

One of Brett’s favorite parts about his role at Cabrini is the relationships that are formed between students and their tutors. Since seeking out help can be scary, Brett works to maintain an environment that is welcoming and comfortable for all students. This requires a commitment to maintaining an inclusive atmosphere. 

“Peer tutoring requires a level of trust and openness and our tutors, thanks to the community, are primed for those working relationships with peers. My favorite part, however, is working with a team of really awesome staff and students that all want to ensure that the community at Cabrini continues to thrive,” Brett said.

Holy Spirit Library. Photo by Cabrini Flickr.

Prior to joining the Cabrini community, Brett completed his Bachelor of Arts in English at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania and earned a Master’s degree in English from Lehigh University. He also taught in the First-Year Writing Program at Lehigh and worked in Lehigh’s Center for Writing and Math, as well as tutored at Bucks County Community College.

While working to help students navigate their coursework at Cabrini, Brett is currently a student himself as he works toward his PhD in English at Lehigh University, which he anticipates completing at the end of this year. It is interesting to note that Brett’s original major was not English, but rather, a pre-med biology and chemistry major. Although he enjoyed his time in the science lab, he quickly learned that he had a passion for English. 

“I switched my major to English literature during my second year after I found that I was using my English gen eds to escape from the hard sciences. I loved college, still do, and the intellectual environments they cultivate. So, I went into graduate school with my eyes set on becoming an English professor,” Brett said.  

During his time at Lehigh, he fell in love with 19th century American Literature and is currently working on his dissertation. While it would seem that he would not have any free time between his role at Cabrini and working toward completing his PhD, Brett also enjoys developing old-school 35mm photography. He wants students to know that if you happen to see someone “squatting to get the right angle off of a building,” it is probably Brett just trying to capture the best photo. 

Ryan Codkind

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