Problem after problem with ticketing

By Heather DiLalla
February 26, 2004

Why do we have driveways on campus if we cannot park in them? This question has been bothering me almost as much as why there is not enough housing for Cabrini students, but let’s not go there.

Everyone I know hates the fact that after circling the campus five times and still finding zero spots, their last resort is to park in the driveway and as a result, they get a ticket. Is it really an inconvenience for Public Safety to “overlook” something once in their lives? If the students don’t mind being blocked in by other cars, then Public Safety shouldn’t care either. It almost seems they are just looking for ways to cause trouble.

We pay $50 every year for a parking pass. They charge every person this amount even though they know there are not enough spots. Wouldn’t the smart thing be to give out the same amount of parking passes as there are spots? That way there wouldn’t be an overwhelming amount of cars looking for spots. They could give out addition passes with a different color that are cheaper and require the car to be parked at the Dixon Center. Seniority would come into effect here and sophomores would be forced to park further away, but not pay the same amount of money.

If you think about the amount of parking tickets given out and then you think about where all the money goes your head will hurt. Please don’t lie to me and tell me that all the money has gone into those blue emergency polls two feet apart located on Residential Boulevard. So where is it?

Parking is such an important issue and it seems like nobody cares. Usually when there is something wrong, people work together to fix it. I know many students here are tired of not having parking and more important frustrated with getting a ticket once a week. Here’s an idea; how about we limit the amount of accepted students so there is not an overpowering amount of cars on campus, not to mention the massive amount of bodies in the dorms.

Also, I think I’m the only person that remembers that only resident freshmen with medical issues can haven their cars on campus. I doubt all these freshmen who live on campus had valid reasons to keept their car here every day.

It is obvious that this problem with tickets is not going away anytime soon. I just like to complain and pretend that someone will read this and actually care.

Posted to the web by Marisa Gallelli

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Heather DiLalla

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