President Bush continues cutting taxes during hard times

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February 7, 2002

President Bush has called to congress to allow a $2.13 trillion budget that would set forth further spending for military aid and to help continue the tax cut. Many democrats are skeptical about Bush’s plans because they feel that if this budget is allowed it could cause the national debt to rise. While most of the nation would agree upon giving more money to the military, would they agree to continue a tax cut during the war?

Over the next three years Bush’s plan puts $175 million aside to continue the tax cut and continue with immediate economic relief. If this plan goes through the United States will be facing a deficit of over $100 billion, which would also be the first time we come across a deficit in five years. But Bush says that by the time 2005 rolls around we should, once again, start to see a surplus. What Bush has not discussed is how the government would be dipping into Social Security for some of this money, something they said they would not do unless it was to sure up retirement plans or help with the reduction of the national debt.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle agreed that security is an issue, but he emphasized that our economic security also needs to be ensured. Dipping into Social Security and other programs is not the answer. Daschle said that this proposed budget is not the plan to boost the United States both defensively and economically.

Last year most Americans received a government check for varied amounts, some people got $200 while others got up to $600. This check would be the first of many to come our way. At the beginning of 2002 many people noticed a few extra dollars in their paycheck. This too was an effect of the tax cut. But how important is it right now for the government to be handing out checks to every Tom, Dick and Harry? Most people would survive without that extra $200 every year. It is a nice idea, but it seems impractical given our current situation.

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