Prepare to be ‘Enchanted’

By Grayce Turnbach
December 6, 2007

For years Walt Disney pictures has released cliché movies. Movies that end with “happy ever after” with a prince and princess that build a sense of fairytale dreams in the heads of girls of all ages.

It’s a buzz kill because at some point you realize life isn’t a fairytale. “Enchanted” seems to have grasped the concept that happy endings aren’t always possible and that the stereotypes of Disney films aren’t always attainable.

Amy Adams, the lead character of a strong cast, was outstanding.

Adams has a strong presence on screen, both physically and emotionally. She has the ability to turn the cartoon character into a live human being, an appealing one at that. Eyes were glued to the screen and laughter was had among the audience.

“Enchanted” begins it’s not so fairytale story with the chipper animated version of Giselle and her furry friends singing and creating her Mr. Perfect. The opening scene will give you flashbacks to Cinderella and Snow White.

Perky as can be, Giselle is in mid-song about her one true love when he miraculously appears on horseback able to finish the words of her song.

A sequence of events leaves Giselle aimlessly free falling down a well, only to find herself on planet Earth with the luxury of landing in Times Square in the city that never sleeps.

Wandering through the crowded streets of New York she finds help through Robert, a single father, played by Patrick Dempsey and his daughter Morgan.

Issues arise when Robert’s fiancé discovers that Giselle was given shelter at his home.

Shortly after the drama, we’re entertained by what looks like a Broadway production in the middle of Central Park. Oh wait, it was. We experience real life critters of New York cleaning an apartment as well. Sewer rats were not made to scrub toilets, that’s for sure.

Not every cliché in Disney’s book of stereotypes was dismembered. Prince Edward, played by James Marsden did come to find his one true love, Giselle. The stepmother, Queen Narissa (Susan Surandon), plots to put an end to this “fairytale couple” while sporting a costume considerably like the one Ursula would be like, just drop a couple hundred pounds and a few limbs and you’ve got it.

Cant forget the chipmunk, Pip, who finds himself in his own predicaments throughout the film. Just prepare to be “Enchanted” with Disney’s new not so cliché film.

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Grayce Turnbach

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