Campus Ministry hosts ‘Prayer 101’ discussion

By Lia Ferrante
November 8, 2011

Ever wondered if there were different ways to pray? Did you ever think you were praying incorrectly? Campus Ministry hosted a Prayer 101 discussion for students to enjoy at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 6,  in the library basement.

Every Sunday at 7 p.m., there is a mass presented by Father Carl in the chapel on Cabrini’s campus.

“These discussions allow students to learn about how there are many ways to pray that will fit your individual personality,” Stephanie Salinis, campus minister, said.

The room in the library basement was very welcoming and calm. It was a safe haven for students to come and enjoy themselves to reflect on scripture in their own way.

“We always emphasize to look at the passages that you are reading that day as a sign that God wanted you to read that and learn about it for your own individual satisfaction,” Salinis said.

The students that were involved in Campus Ministry welcomed the new students with open arms. Little snacks were passed out to each of the students that were involved.

Campus Ministry staff passed out a piece of paper with a Bible verse on it. Bibles were passed out so that attendees could look up the passages. While reading the passages, calm music was played and a quiet tone surrounded the room.

“Through life you have to give up a lot of sacrifices, but God says the best thing is to give up yourself and your spirit for him,” Sam Hallowell, junior mathematics major, said. While reading the passages, one got a sense of forgetting everything that was going on in one’s life and just to focus on what was going on in that present moment and relax. There was discussion of  bible verses  and what they meant to attendees.

The event concluded with writing thoughts to God. Salinis handed out a pen, paper and an envelope so that attendees could write down thoughts, prayers and anything else they wanted to write to him in private.

“It was a way for the students to better themselves and others,” Salinis said.

“This experience opened my eyes to learn more about prayer in my own way and to learn about everyone’s different perspective in new ways,” Jennifer Persia, sophomore special education major, said.

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Lia Ferrante

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