Prayer 101

By Kaitlyn Kohler
October 26, 2012

Student peer leaders are pictured with Fr. Carl Janicki at Prayer 101 on Oct. 16. The service provided an interesting perspective on how to make time for your faith. (Kaitlyn Kohler/Photo Editor)

Twice a month, one of the four peer ministers leads Cabrini College students in prayer.

On Tuesday Oct. 16 at 7:30, four students and Father Carl Janicki, the director of campus ministry, gathered in the Holy Spirit Library conference room for Prayer 101 to pray, reflect and relax.

This week’s prayer service was led by Anie Jamgochian, a junior majoring in English, American studies and religious studies. Each prayer service is lead by a different peer minister. The service started out with an opening prayer. Following the prayer, Jamgochian introduced the topic of this week’s prayer service, which was our daily schedules and how to balance them.

Throughout the service, students participated in various activities based on schedules. First, they filled out a chart of their weekly schedules, so they were able to see how busy they really were. Following the first activity, students then filled out a pie chart and divided up spaces in order of how they would like to spend their time. The students were instructed to figure out how to incorporate faith into their schedules.

I thought to myself, “what does a busy schedule have to do with faith?,” but I soon discovered what the link between the two was. The main point of this prayer service was focused around how to find time in our schedules for our faith, to pray, to reflect and to take time for ourselves.

The group discussed their favorite places on campus to relax and clear their thoughts. Jamgochian lead the discussion and revealed to the group that her favorite place to relax on campus was the chapel.

Another student told his peers that his favorite place on-campus to unwind was the commons.

“The commons, I feel, is kind of a spiritual center on campus. You get to experience a sense of spaciousness from being out there, especially around the peace pole. You’re able to free yourself and kind of create a sense of spaciousness from being out in nature, you have a tendency to feel more free and feel the tension in your body start to free itself. By spending time in nature, feeling the gratitude from being out there and having the experience of being there it’s, for me, a very worthwhile experience,” John McDevitt, a senior liberal studies major, said about how the commons is a place for him to relax and de-stress.

The prayer service lasted about 45 minutes and ended with a closing prayer. Two other Prayer 101 sessions will occur this semester, with one scheduled for Nov. 5 and another scheduled for Nov. 20.




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Kaitlyn Kohler

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