Pot is not the problem

By defaultuser
December 5, 2002

So Ms. Johnson, you think “pot smokers should pay for their illegal actions and have to answer to the local police department”. You furthermore stated you think anyone smoking marijuana should be imprisoned and this would make “the lawbreakers think twice before lighting up that next joint”. What are you, a f—ing Nazi?

The idiocy you exhibit with your vindictive tone is the same idiocy that has been, is, and always will be the root of every man-made evil in existence, without exception. It’s a shame this stupid world hasn’t figured it out yet despite its simplicity. This root of all evil of which I speak is merely the disrespect for freedom.

The reason this world is a polluted, intolerant, fanatical, enslaved, vindictive, impoverished and plutocratic hole is the pigs in this world either over step their own or shortchange others’ freedom. Unfortunately, you obviously lack an understanding of what freedom is. Freedom is having the ability to do whatsoever you wish to do unless a particular action directly adversely impacts another individual or individuals. Due to corruption propagated by the same stupidity of which you exhibit, none of us are free in this country. The truth is if someone wants to smoke a joint in their privacy, exactly as if someone feels like having a beer or a cigarette, it’s called freedom.

When someone “annoys” you by coming up to you with “bloodshot eyes” they’re not hurting you whatsoever, nor anyone else.Yet you feel these people should be imprisoned. Anyone with a clue or more knows how retarded our drug laws are. I could tell you about how we burn billions of dollars year after year in this country in our moronic “drug war” to no effect. I could tell you how thousands of good innocent people’s lives are ruined every year with imprisonment from meaningless drug convictions despite the fact they did nothing wrong. I could tell you about the stupidity and corruption that continues marijuana prohibition just so chemical and oil companies don’t have to diversify their profits to un-patentable hemp. I could tell you a million more reasons why marijuana prohibition is incredibly stupid, damaging to our well-being and freedom, and of course corrupt, but all you need to know is that.

If marijuana smoke invades your personal space and or public areas approach it exactly like you would the invasion of cigarette smoke. You don’t want cigarette smokers to be arrested do you? Tell the people in question you shouldn’t have to suck down their smoke and you would appreciate it if they kept their activities private. But once these activities are private, they are nobody’s business and should be kept nobody’s business. That’s what a respect for freedom is, you get it?

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