Portable iPod technology captivates consumers

By Daina Havens
October 7, 2005

Recent innovations in portable technology offered by Macintosh have shocked both the market and the individual consumer. iPods, nanos, minis and iPod phones … such advanced technology was inconceivable just a few decades ago . Take a step back and reflect upon how often you are affected by this portable technology throughout your daily routine.

By strolling across campus between classes, I have encountered countless students with their heads in the clouds and a tiny white speaker in each ear. I happen to be the proud owner of an iPod shuffle with a pink gel case and tiny pink gel headphones to match. It can hold about 120 songs, and can also store information like a jump drive. The best part is, it only cost $99!

As technology has rapidly become smaller, more convenient, more advanced, and more portable, market pricing can become more affordable for the average consumer, thus more easily placing a growing media outlet within the grasp of the majority.

As an English and communications major, the accessibility of the media and the advancement of technology are two very crucial pieces of my college education and future career path. Macintosh has done something grand, and their technological advancements can only be viewed in an optimistic light.

Initially, these devices were marked for pure entertainment by focusing on the capacity to store downloaded music. Since Apple has released this iPod frenzy upon the public, however, many advancements have improved iPod merchandise. These improvements not only make them more appealing to the consumer, but also stand as a symbol of the changing and advancing times of society. Windows users can also use iPods by downloading the free iTunes program to their Windows computers.

The ranked top seller on the Apple Macintosh homepage, the new iPod nano, has the capability to make 1,000 songs available at your fingertips. The ground-breaking Griffen italk iPod voice recorder can record class lectures and business meetings right onto your iPod with crystal-clear sound quality and thousands of hours of record time. You can listen to your iPod in your car, or you can use a stereo dock that hooks-up to your system and plays tunes through your stereo speakers.

Try transporting your digital pictures by using an iPod camera connector, or even get your iPod personalized with a laser-engraved message! The Motorola ROKR E1 cell phone model allows transportation of iTunes in phones, and just recently, radio broadcasting shows have been made available to iPods through the new technology of Podcasting.

The music store, located at apple.com, has been referred to as a digital jukebox, containing more than two-million music download opportunities. Online parental controls help to open the market to younger consumers while remaining user safe and friendly. Most accessories are affordable at well under $100, and these mini Macintosh devices are more rapidly becoming a must have in both the professional and entertainment worlds.

Although they may be miniature devices, iPods have proved to be colossal communicators in the world of technology. They have a wide consumer market as trendy little transporter-carriers of so much more than just music. I agree with iPod’s law: “The impossible is possible,” according to The New York Times.

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Daina Havens

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