Popular Costumes Of ’04

By Melissa Steven
October 21, 2004

Shane Evans

Halloween night allows imaginations to run wild. It is expressed through the different kinds of costumes seen that night. From Disney characters to witches and goblins, Halloween allows people to become creative with costume ideas.

“Me and my roommate are going to be the ‘Twins,’ Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he’s real short and I’m tall,” junior, Jim Good said.

A lot of people have already planned what they want to dress-up as for Oct. 31, but for those who have not thought of anything, time may be running out. David O’Donnell, manager of Halloween Adventure in Wayne, said, “We get the busiest about a week and a half before Halloween, the lines are out the door.” He said around that time, most of the popular costumes are sold, out along with any accessories. He added that the most popular costumes are usually movie characters. “‘Spiderman’ is real big because of the movie, along with ‘Freddy and Jason’ and ‘Star Wars,’ is popular every year for adults and kids,” O’Donnell said.

Some people are dressing up with a partner, either their boyfriend, girlfriend or just a friend. Senior Kerri Houser said, “I’m going to be Little Red Riding Hood and my boyfriend’s going to be a werewolf.” Ted Salmon, junior, and his friend are going to dress up as Mario and Luigi, from “Mario Brothers.” “If my boyfriend will dress up as James Dean, then I’m going to be Marilyn Monroe,” junior Maria DeVirgilis said. Freshman Jolaine Gero and her roommate might dress up as each other because she said they are the complete opposite of one another and it would be funny. Senior Liz Ritter said that she and her boyfriend are either going to be Pebbles and Bam Bam, or Jessica Rabbit and Roger Rabbit.

Faculty and staff are also getting into the Halloween spirit. Dr. Cynthia Halpern, professor of romance languages, said, “I’m going to dress up as a daisy flower.” Jennine Picini, assistant director of co-op and career services, wants her and her boyfriend to dress up like pop stars, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. “I’m going to be a scary clown for the trick-or-treaters at home,” Jason Bozzone, director of student activities, said.

These are just some of the costume ideas floating around Cabrini. Whether someone wants to be a scary monster or an angel, everyone will just have to wait until Halloween when their costumes will finally be revealed.

If anyone is looking for a part-time, temporary job, David O’Donnell, manager of Halloween Adventure, said he is hiring (610-964-2570). Halloween Adventure is located approximately 10 minutes from Cabrini College at 520 W. Lancaster Ave.

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Melissa Steven

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