Point counter point: Vandalism at its worst

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November 12, 2004

Cecelia Francisco

Student accountability by Kellie Belmonte

As college students, we are expected to conduct ourselves in a mature manner. We are here, basically living on our own, in an effort to prove that we are growing up, maturing, and becoming responsible adults. However, it seems that for the students of Cabrini College, this is NOT the case.
A few days ago, there was severe damage done to our new SET building. First, lets keep in mind that this was a brand-new building put on this campus for us, to accommodate our academic needs. Apparently, someone had smashed several air vents, which were to be used in disposing unclean air from experiments. It was also determined that someone had supposedly stood at the top of stairs and dumped a huge bucket of some kind of roofing tar, in the process, destroying the walls and floors. The person or persons who have committed these crimes is still unknown.
Some people think that it is easy to blame public safety for this incident for not patrolling the area and providing enough security for the building. But how can we honestly expect public safety to be patrolling every building at every hour on campus, when they shouldn’t even have to be worrying about such delinquent behavior because, as I said, we’re supposed to be maturing adults in college.
And why should public safety be blamed when we, as students, are supposed to be the ones who are growing up and discontinuing our immature behavior. This is clearly the obvious and stupid wrongdoing of students here at Cabrini whose idea of fun is damaging their schools property. Now, doesn’t that sound smart?
To blame anyone else for some childish ridiculous pranks is absurdity. These people need to grow up and get a life. Now there may be up to a $12,000 bill that someone is going to need to pay. This matter is so serious that the school has even gotten the police involved. If we don’t find the real criminal, who’s to say that we won’t be dealt this enormous bill.
Cabrini is now taking new approaches in holding the students of Cabrini College accountable for their actions. Because of the severe damage to many of the buildings, we as the students will be fined for other people’s actions because no one will hold each other responsible for what they’ve been doing.
This year, in the New Residence Hall alone, there may potentially be up to $7,000 worth of damages. And because no one wants to take any responsibility for these damages, everyone is going to be forced to pay some part of them.
It’s really a shame that the people on this campus can’t be honest. Think about it. Everyone should remember that these are our supposed “friends” who are damaging this school and our friends don’t seem to mind the fact that we are going to have to pay for this as well.
People really enjoy complaining about the high amount of fines that we will have to pay. But, if anyone wants to change this, then we need to start holding our peers accountable for their acts of vandalism or else we will all be forced to pay the price.
To give a personal example, I had a friend up for the day visiting me. I didn’t find out until after he left that he had written graffiti on the walls and ceilings in my bathroom. When I did find out, I made a point to go to my RA and admit that it was my friend who did it. Now everyone else won’t be charged with the money that will be spent fixing up the bathroom. I held myself accountable and I held my friend accountable.
The damages and pranks done to the SET building are not funny. This is your school. We need to start having some pride. So until the students of this school hold each other accountable, be prepared to pay the price.

Public Saftey M.I.A. by Laura Van De Pette

According to Cabrini’s website, “Campus security is monitored around the clock by the public safety director, lieutenant, sergeant and 20 highly trained public safety officers to ensure the protection of

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