Plot line tangle on October Road

By Brittany Lavin
March 27, 2008

ABC studios

It has been a long and winding path down “October Road” this season. On Monday, March 10, ABC aired the two-hour season two finale in which several of the season’s plot lines were either wrapped up or tangled up.

The finale kicked off with Hannah being arrested for assaulting Ray’s ex-wife, Christine earlier in the season. That dilemma was cleared away quickly and Hannah returned to planning her engagement party, which the bulk of the episode revolves around.

There to help her is Janet, who is stunned by the news that Eddie’s ex-girlfriend is in town and he hasn’t told her. Just as stunned by the news is Eddie and when Janet misinterprets a moment the two share, she turns to Rooster for alcohol and comfort at the same time that Eddie is being beaten up by Ray’s lackeys.

Ikey comes to the rescue, however, and takes him to the hospital where Janet visits him and confesses her mistake. Needless to say, Eddie doesn’t take it well and ends their relationship.

Elsewhere in Knights Ridge, Nick’s agent is in town and is trying to convince him to go on tour with U2. Nick isn’t sure but when his father the Commander reveals he has bone marrow cancer, Nick surprisingly decides to go.

The show ends with the whole cast, except Physical Phil of course, at the engagement party where webs continue to weave and tangle. Empowered by his older brother’s departure, Ronnie confesses his secret love for Nick’s girlfriend Aubrey with even more surprising results.

Due to Ikey’s heroics in saving Eddie earlier in the episode, Owen and the rest of the gang finally forgive him for having an affair with Owen’s wife. They return his drumsticks to him, leading into the ultimate mock rock scene of the season.

Elsewhere, Hannah seeks to find out the truth about Eddie’s brush with Ray’s lackeys and Ray assures he had nothing to do with it, even though he did. Will Hannah end up marrying Ray?

Perhaps not. Just when we thought Nick had once again left Knights Ridge for good, he returns to be with the people he loves. But will things at the Ridge be the same? We’ll just have to wait for next season.

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Brittany Lavin

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