PlayStation 3 hovers just out of reach for students’ holiday budget

By Dave Damiano
December 8, 2006

What would you spend with $499? Would you spend it on a brand new PlayStation 3? I hope not. I play Madden NFL ’07 like most people, but I would never spend this much money on something I use once in a while.

Over the years, there have been various types of gaming systems including PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo Game Cube. But why have game consoles become so much money? They all cost at least $300 when they came out.

I never got these when they came out because it was too expensive. My parents weren’t going to buy them for me either because then my friends and I would be sitting around the house all day playing games.

It just doesn’t seem worth it anymore to spend this much money on something that I would only play one game for.

Like most college students, I don’t have much money. I love sitting around playing Madden with my friends. It can be frustrating at times especially if you’re not as good as the other guys, but all in all it’s good fun.

I think because I’m older and that my roommates and I live off campus, I have been more cautious with my money recently because of the bills that I have to pay by the end of the month.

I mentioned earlier that I enjoy playing Madden with my friends. When this game came out in early August, it cost around $50. This is for a system that has been around for a while. I can only imagine how much it is going to cost to buy the new PlayStation 3 games.

When this game came out, we played it all the time, and because my roommates and I split the price, it didn’t matter to any of us. Now that the first semester is coming to an end, there hasn’t been much time to play, and I don’t know if we got tired of it or if it’s because of the tremendous amount of work we have to do, but its just not the same as it was.

I feel it was worth it to spend the money for that great month of August, but now that the system we played it on, the PlayStation 2, is virtually extinct, what is going to happen for the future?

The best times I had in regards to video games was the first system to ever come out; Nintendo. There was nothing better then shooting ducks in “Duck Hunt” or storming the castles in “Super Mario Bros.”

I’m sure that as the years go by there are going to be some great games coming out, but I doubt any will leave the lasting impression that I felt when playing those games as a kid on the original Nintendo.

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Dave Damiano

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