Playing for the love of the game

By Jamie Hufnagle
September 29, 2006

Shane Evans

As a sophomore on the Cabrini women’s soccer team, English and communication major Nicole Duggan has a genuine love of the sport. Duggan’s experience with soccer goes all the way back to kindergarten, when she first started playing.

Duggan continued playing, finishing her senior year in high school with a record of 27-1 and ranking in eighth place in the Top 10 nationally.

“We did very well overall and were always one of the best teams in our area and the state,” Duggan said. “My high school experience was awesome.”

As a stopper, Duggan plays defense for the soccer team and has already had one goal along with a few assists so far this year.

Duggan mentions that the team is one of the best aspects of playing at Cabrini.

“We are all so close here and do a lot of things together and I don’t think that is something that every team can say about themselves.”

Duggan continued, saying that the quality time spent together off the field contributes greatly to how well the team plays as a whole when on the field.

When asked about the soccer team’s biggest strength, Duggan said, “The fact that we are so young is a huge strength.” Duggan continued, “Not many teams can say they only have four upperclassmen. This definitely just means that it can only get better from here.”

Aside from soccer, Duggan is a guard on the Cabrini women’s basketball team and a student ambassador. Duggan majors in English and communication and is interested in television broadcasting and advertising.

Some may think that it would be hard to manage time between going to class, playing on both the soccer and basketball team, and being a student ambassador, but Duggan finds it to be the opposite.

“It’s not that bad because we have a schedule for practices and games so we know what time we have to do work and have to use that time to get it done. I actually find it tougher to focus and get my work done when I’m not in the middle of a sport season,” Duggan said.

When asked about goals for the year, Duggan mentioned a goal not only important to her but to the team as well, “I definitely have a goal and it is a team goal to win our conference,” Duggan said.

Duggan continued saying that the soccer team is a very strong team and she feels that they can definitely accomplish this goal. “The first step is making playoffs and after that, anything can happen.”

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Jamie Hufnagle

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