Player Profile: Scott Giblin

By Leanne Pantone
April 25, 2002

“Friendly, funny and competitive,” are the three words that best describe the MVP of the men’s tennis team.

Junior Scott Giblin has been undefeated for the past three years at first singles and this past year at first doubles. Giblin, captain of the tennis team, said that he is most proud of “being a good sport, doing the best I can and being a leader on the team.”

In all of his years as a tennis player, Giblin played his most memorable match this year against Arcadia. “I played one of my friends and, even though the team lost, it was a fun match,” Giblin said.

When Giblin is not found on the tennis courts, he can be found participating in several intramural programs such as: volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball. He was also a member of the hockey team when it was still in existence.

While Giblin is not attending Cabrini during the summer, he plays in a men’s tennis league.

During the rest of his free time, Giblin likes to keep busy doing the college thing: hanging out with friends, playing video games and watching movies. His favorite movie is “Night at the Roxbury.” “Weathered,” Creed’s latest cd, is Giblin’s favorite.

Giblin, is majoring in Internet computing and has three goals for post graduation. He wants to work somewhere in the computing field, play as much tennis as possible and hang out with his current friends and try to stay in touch with everyone.

Giblin decided to make the 45-minute trip to make Cabrini his home away from home because “I liked the small campus, and I met friends at orientation.”

Since Giblin has never been off the east coast, the most exotic place he has ever traveled to is Daytona Beach, Fla.

However, given the choice to live anywhere in the world, he would choose the Bahamas, because “it is warm there all the time.”

In the event that Giblin is trapped on an island, there are three essentials he would bring with him. Beer, a radio and cell phone is what he would want there with him.

If Giblin happened to come across a genie that would grant three wishes, the three he would wish for are money, to make it to the NCAAs this year and to be good enough of a tennis player to make it to the pro tour.

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Leanne Pantone

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