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By Caitlin Langley
September 25, 2003

Melissa Ariole

Sean Dugan, a junior on the men’s soccer team, thinks that this year’s team is a “young team with a lot of talent.”

Dugan, who grew up in Fishtown, a section of Philadelphia, and attended Roman Catholic High School, has been playing soccer since he was four years old. In high school he started out on the junior varsity team his freshmen year, but soon made his way up to varsity level his sophomore year. When asked what he did to improve his level of play he simply said, “Kenny Costello is my mentor, even thought he doesn’t play soccer any more.” He then continued to start on the varsity team for the next three years of high school.

His senior year he won the title of All Catholic in the Southern Division and all star. His sophomore and junior year his high school team placed third and then fourth in his division, but his senior year they went all the way with a record of nine wins, one loss, and four ties in it’s division, taking a first place title and moving on to the state tournament.

Regarding this year’s soccer team Dugan admitted that they only had three seniors and that while they have “a lot of talent, nothing seems to be clicking”, alluding to maybe a rebuilding year for the Cavs. Sean has had two previous years on the team, but is struggling to find a place for his own leadership. Dugan, who is a midfielder for the Cavs, is in the middle of the field and has to control the movement of the ball and the spacing of the players. Although he has this great responsibility he seems to have a good sense of humor and is good-hearted nature about the team this year. The men’s soccer team hasn’t had many wins, but Sean feels good about the season. When conducting the interview this reporter found him to be light hearted and up beat, with a wonderful out look on the team and its future success. A player that is all business on the field and relaxed off the field is someone a person, such as freshmen, can look up to for guidance. Someone who can take a team that has not had many wins and guide them through a double over time game, is someone the freshmen should look to for leadership.

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Caitlin Langley

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