Player catches confidence behind the plate

By Staff Writer
March 18, 2004

Angelina Wagner

Softball has had a hold of Mary Adam for 15 years of her life. She’s a junior English and communications major who is a catcher for Cabrini’s softball team. Adam has been playing since she was 5 years old. “Yes, it’s a game, but it’s a game that’s been my life and it’s all I know. It’s a very mental sport and, even though I slip sometimes, I’ve had to learn how to control every emotion.” She went on to say that every athlete has challenges that they need to overcome.

Her biggest challenge in softball is probably the one that she’s facing now. Adam said that she’s playing a completely different role this season that she has in the past two years. “I went from dying to get into a game to starting and playing every game. Before this season I haven’t caught since high school, so I’ve been working really hard at getting those skills back.” Adam went on to stay that she wants to know that everybody including herself has confidence for her being behind the plate, “They’ve been supportive of me so it helps a lot.”

She said that this season was going to be tough but she thinks that the team will be fine. There’s a lot of talent on the team and they have two great pitchers that are returning. During the weekend of March 13th, the softball team traveled to a tournament in Maryland. Adam said that they didn’t play as well as they wanted to in Maryland but it’s over and the team is going to move on and work on what they need to improve. “Playing softball all the way to this level has taught me a lot of skills I can use on and off the field,” Adam said.

Softball hasn’t been the only sport that Adam has played though. She has played basketball her entire life up until college. Adam said that she’s always loved basketball as much as she loved softball and regrets not playing it in college. Since they didn’t have a softball team at her middle school, she played lacrosse instead. She also played soccer for about five years and played a season of field hockey in high school.

Right now, the softball team is 7-5 and its season opener is at home this Friday, March 19, against Gwynedd Mercy, which is in the Pennsylvania Athlete Conference game at 3 p.m. Adam said that any advice she would give to new athletes this season would be, “We’re Division III athletes, so we all play the game because we love it. Every practice and every game put it all out there and have fun. I’m not there yet but before you know it you’re going to be a senior looking at your last season, realizing it’s almost over.” Adam said that her future goals were that she wants to enjoy college right now and after she graduates she wants a job in video production and to be happy.

“Eventually I’ll probably end up playing softball again for a women’s league because I know I’ll miss it,” Adam said.

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