Sliva stays involved, leads fellow swimmers

By Kassia Bernosky
November 8, 2011


Senior Lauren Sliva is a member of the women's swim team. -- Jenay Smith / Photo Editor

Lauren Sliva, senior communication major, swims freestyle and butterfly for the women’s swim team. Sliva has been swimming her whole life and always knew she would swim in college.

“It never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t swim in college,” Sliva said.

But out of all the colleges in the country to choose from, why Cabrini?  Sliva is not a big university kind of girl.  She always knew that she wanted to go to a small college.  Not only did size influence her decision, location did too.

Sliva grew up in Ohio and Michigan and felt it was time for her to get out of the Midwest and experience living on the East Coast.

“I wanted to go to California but I figured that would be too far of a drive for my parents to come visit, all of the two times they might visit anyway,” Sliva said laughing. “So I decided to look east and found Cabrini.”

Not only does Sliva contribute to the swim team by winning, she also motivates and inspires her teammates.

“Sliva gets very serious but also is encouraging,” Brandon Mazepa, sophomore history major and member of the men’s swim team, said. “She compliments everyone and cheers people on during practice, along with telling us when to go and saying ‘last one’ or ‘one more guys.’  She’s a true leader and captain.”

“The team lost most of its swimmers last year so it’s as if we are starting fresh,” Sliva said. “There are only two seniors on the team. The rest are sophomores or freshman and they all have great potential. I am looking forward to seeing what they can do as the season progresses.”

Sliva is a very well-rounded athlete and has played basketball, water polo, volleyball, crew, track and field and soccer in the past.  However, swimming was the sport she stuck with.

In addition to swimming and working in the admissions office, Sliva is involved in many campus organizations.  She is one of the On-Stage directors for CAP Board, the college’s event planning board, and previously was a writer for The Loquitur for two years as well as a part of LOQation for a semester.

When Sliva is not swimming, you can find her making friends laugh, doing the worm backwards and listening and dancing to Korean pop music.  She is full of energy and is always having a good time.

“She is obsessed with Korean music and enjoys dancing and singing along with it.  She doesn’t care where she is, she will bust a move,” Mazepa said.

People close to Sliva find her to be a very loyal and trustworthy person.  She is always there to lend a hand or give advice.

“Lauren is the kind of roommate and friend that will listen to your problems and then try to get your mind off of the thing,” Courtney Abel, senior chemistry major, said.

Throughout Sliva’s four years at Cabrini College, she has too many fond memories to count.  Whether inside or outside of swimming, they all hold a place in her heart and the many friendships and memories that she has made will last forever.

“There are a lot of moments in swimming that I will always remember.  Mostly the inside jokes, the bus trips to and from swim meets, breakfast in the morning, ‘tea time’ and especially the training trips,” Sliva said.

After graduation, Sliva plans on having a career involving entertainment.  She is interested in event planning and management.  However, before settling down with a career, Sliva would like to join the Peace Corps or teach English in Seoul.

“I want to travel and I figured I should go now while I have no responsibilities to a job or family,” Sliva said.

“Lauren’s always busy but she always finds time to cheer you up, stay social, get her work done and sleep somewhere in between,” Abel said.

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Kassia Bernosky

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