Student-athlete finds balance with basketball

By Amanda Toth
January 30, 2012

Colleen Stewart is a sophomore forward on the women's basketball team at Cabrini. -- Jenay Smith / Photo Editor

Colleen Stewart, No. 21 on the Lady Cavs women’s basketball team, sits on the bench and cheers her team on while taking a break. Even when she is not playing, she is still a team player.  A sophomore exercise science and health promotion major, Stewart has been playing basketball since she was 4 years old according to her mom, Mary Beth Stewart.

“She used to play with her older brother when she was really little, then started playing on a team in second grade,” Mary Beth said.

Stewart’s peers are very supportive of her and they all think of her as the team motivator.  A forward for the Cavs, Stewart is also one of the captains on the women’s team.

“It’s a big responsibility,” Stewart said. “It can be hard to be in charge with my peers.”

Whether Stewart is on the court or on the bench, she is always pushing her team to do their best. “Colleen is the team motivator,” Leithie Faison, sophomore guard, said. “She is the one on the court you look up to for motivation.”

Sophomore guard/forward Maggie McElroy described Stewart as someone who is “very loud and motivates everyone but she is also a good rebounder and team player.”

Stewart is modest about her basketball ability on the court. She described herself as “a rebounder but not a big offensive threat” but knows she is a good defensive player.

Basketball has helped her become who she is today. “[Playing basketball] helps me time manage better because in my free time I have to do my work,” Stewart said. “I can’t procrastinate.”

Stewart is a good student and takes her studies seriously.  “She has always been a good student,” Mary Beth said. “She has had honors at Cabrini and always finds a good balance between basketball, school work and social life. She has always been very organized too.”

Before Stewart made the full commitment to basketball she played softball and volleyball, so she was busy with three sports until the end of her freshman year in high school.  Once she got to high school, she only played volleyball and basketball.  When she was looking for colleges, there were about six to seven colleges pursuing her for basketball but she ended up picking Cabrini because she really liked the campus, the people and the basketball coaches.

Since everyone in her family plays basketball, it is a great enjoyment for her family to watch her play at a college level. “My family was a big influence in me playing basketball,” Stewart said. “I guess I wanted to follow the tradition.”

Her family is very proud of her for playing at the college.  Not only is Stewart a good player but her mom and teammates described her as a sweet and caring person.

“She has a big heart and is a sweet kid,” Mary Beth said. “She is always looking to help others. She is an unselfish person and an unselfish player.”

“I don’t know who I would be or what I would do without basketball,” Stewart said. “It made me who I am as a person.”

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Amanda Toth

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