Places on campus that not many know about

By Karena McDanel
April 4, 2019

Cabrini University is a beautiful, green campus. Cabrini is smaller than other universities, however, many students might not know about certain places on campus.  

The unknown trail. Photo by Karena McDanel

With students going to class, the cafeteria and even the gym, they may not see everything on campus has to offer. For instance, there is a trail right near the Dixon Center. This little trail leads to the Cabrini Cottage belonging to the Cabrini Sisters.

The Cabrini Cottage is yet a small trail but it is a place that not many people know about. However, this is not the only place that is hidden. The Holy Spirit Library, a place that many people go to on campus  to study or do homework, is more than just a library.

The Holy Spirit Library houses a small exhibit upstairs for Mother Cabrini. There are two tables filled with things that Mother Cabrini owned, and things that we’re very special to her. 

Not many know about the Mother Cabrini Room, but there is so much history in there that is very interesting.

Another place that is not commonly known is the Emmaus House. This place looks very old, but beautiful, and this is located by the Cabrini Apartment Complex.

Mother Cabrini’s white dress Photo taken by Karena McDanel

This building was actually once a Pumphouse and is now used for the conferences and event planning. 

“I haven’t been to Cabrini cottage and I have never been inside the Emmaus house. However, I’ve seen the outside of it, and I did see the Mother Cabrini exhibit at the library because I took a class about Mother Cabrini,” Kenneth Williams, senior marketing major, said.

Although, many student’s might have seen these places, many have never visited.

“I don’t think these places are hidden, just not many people have seen or been there before,” Williams said.

“I’ve seen the Cottage trail but I haven’t seen the others yet,” Brittany Yates, sophomore education major, said.

Lastly, there is one more spot that is very relaxing when it gets warmer out. The Mansion here at Cabrini is beautiful, but the best part of the mansion is the back yard.

The Mansion has  lawn chairs in the back yard on the freshly cut green grass. Being able to hang out in the back yard is very relaxing and quiet. You can do your homework there, maybe bring a to-go box from the cafeteria and sit down and eat with some friends.

The Mansion is a nice place to take cute pictures with your friends and to just hangout.

When living on campus and students are bored, they could make a visit to see all these sights.

Karena McDanel

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