Pilates: best workout

By Katie Hodgins
April 14, 2005

Over the years, I have struggled to find the time to exercise, let alone find a form of exercise that I truly enjoy doing. I’ve done everything from walking to crunches to dancing. Eventually, I did find something that I enjoy doing and works at the same time.

A little over a year ago, I was introduced to Pilates. I tried it out a few times; at first I really didn’t understand the point of it. However, I kept hearing many positive things about the program from family members and acquaintances, as well as the never-ending infomercial starring Daisy Fuentes.

For me, the biggest struggle with exercise was the fact that I always felt tired. The thought of sweating while losing my breath was never one that was very appealing. Pilates, specifically Windsor Pilates, manages to give someone a short, quality workout without any heavy breathing. In fact I now feel energized enough to hop on the treadmill after I’m done.

One aspect that is great about Pilates is that it is created to help you focus on every target area of your body. You can focus on every area in the basic workouts as well as use other specific workouts if there is just one area of your body that bothers you, such as abs.

The best part about this program is that what is said on its annoying infomercial is actually true. I saw results only after about a week of doing the twenty minute workout. It may seem crazy, but I also feel like I grew a little. Windsor Pilates has given me more energy for the day as well as made me want to exercise even more after I’m done. I recommend this program to anyone who loathes the idea of working out. There is a great chance you’ll be thinking differently about exercise if you try this program.

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Katie Hodgins

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