Pierce scholars are awarded

By Katie McNulty
April 14, 2005

Ryan Norris

Cabrini College announced its 2004-2005 scholarship recipients on March 21, 2005. Among the recipients was Claudia Sciandra a junior accounting and finance major, of Smithtown, N.Y. Sciandra is one of four students who received the honor of being named a Pierce Scholar. Deidre Beadle, Jennifer Brown, and Andrew Randolph also received the honor.

Mary Laver, the director of applied and social teaching approached Sciandra in the fall to apply for the Pierce scholarship. The Pierce family who are strong advocates for children at risk gives the Pierce scholarship. The Pierce scholars must commit to doing 50 hours of community service, working with children at risk in order to receive the $2000 scholarship for the spring semester.

“Mary Laver thought I was a good nominee for this award because I am the coordinator for Christmas all year and she thought that these two programs would tie in together. As coordinator of the Christmas all year program I connect campus organizations with community service partners. Being a Pierce Scholar I do community service working with children at risk,” Sciandra said.

Some of the groups the Pierce Scholars work with include, Big Bother Big Sister, the Don Guanella, the Police Athletic League (PAL), Aclamo, Kids First Now and 21stCentury Community Learning Centers.

On Tuesday April 5 Sciandra organized Cabrini Kids Count Day. About 25 children from all the different organizations gathered together in the Dixon Center to participate in fun activities. It was also a day to show Cabrini students the benefits of working with children at risk and how to get involved with community service.

“It was a success. A lot of students signed up to participate in the different programs working with the children at risk at the end of the day. One of the biggest challenges in doing the 50 hours of service is getting the students motivated and excited about doing community service, Sciandra said.

Besides getting other students involved in community service there was an even better reward for Sciandra at the end of this event.

“The most rewarding thing about working with children at risk on Cabrini Kids Count Day is seeing how happy the kids are when they come to the Campus. It is awesome, Sciandra said.

Congratulations to the 2005 Scholarship Recipients

Adult Learner
Abigail Heron

Alumni Recognition
Stephanie Haag
Schwartz Benjamin Memorial
Christopher Sabatino

Daniel J. and Mary D. Bergen
Jana Fagotti
Jessica Marrella
Paul Nasella

Clayton Cottman

Edith Robb Dixon
Jennifer Skursky

Denise Edwards Memorial
James Metelenis

Felicia Falcone
Lori Iannella

Barry Freedman Memorial
Annette Musloski

Thelma Gardinier Arts
Gary Rupacz

William Randolph Hearst
Jessica Vera

Mastronardi Service and Leadership Award
Megan Beauduy
Michaela McGowan

Marilyn Meola Mazzarulli
Ashley Yurcisin

Patience Cavanaugh McFadden
Angel Wosczyna

Mother Cabrini League
Jody Boone
Matthew Cavalier
Lisa DeFino
Christine Ernest
Gina McCabe
Michelle Scavitto
Jennifer Stassel

Peter and Catherine Mozino
Jason Catalanotto

Thomas P. and Jill Nermey
Ryan Dunn

Agnes Orsatti
Elizabeth Ritter

Leonard R. Paradise
Judeanne Watters-Armenti

Pierce Scholars
Deidre Beadle
Jennifer Brown
Andrew Randolph
Claudia Sciandra

Patrick Tiberio
Jenne Castellini

A. Antoinette Schiesler Mem.
Linda Jean-Baptiste

Lawrence R. Sedler Mem.
F. Michael Sejda

W.W. Smith Charitable Trust
Amanda Farrington
Matthew Ingram
Roy Friel
Maria McGuigan
Jessica Winters
Jenna Kane
Kristi McConnell
Danielle Rechner
Kimberly Benedict
Marisa Castellana
Angelina Wagner
Kay Zwolak
Lorenea Meskill
Heather diLalla
Megan McCourry
Sarah Boyer
Jillian Milam
Jacqueline Condron
Michael Anderson
Jermaine O’Neil
Ashley Bittner
Kristen Reichenbach
Amanda Reese
Jessica Vera

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Katie McNulty

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