Pickle App

By Leonard Brock
January 25, 2015

People that want to practice improving their selfie game in a way that is cool and fun will love this app. It is simple to use.

If you see yourself as a “Selfie Queen or King” prove you deserve to wear the crown.

You can battle your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend.

It is just going back in forth with choosing a Challenge Title. You and your friends vote on who obtains victory.

One example is who has the best “Oops Face.”  The more you win, the more points you get. It is a simple and enjoyable way to battle selfie to selfie.

I can possibly see in the future updates with being able to add different drawing tools and symbols.

In order to download the app you have to be updated to at least iOS 7.1.

Learn more about this new app on Buzzfeed.com

Leonard Brock

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