Physical education, sports science courses offered at Cabrini

By Katherine Brachelli
November 18, 2005

Cabrini students can dive into a variety of physical activities, ranging from Irish step dancing to volleyball in and out of class. The Dixon Center will be buzzing with Cabrini students taking physical education classes for the upcoming spring semester and with students taking advantage of the intramurals offered now.

Pamela Rende, instructor of squash, said, “The phys-ed classes and intramurals help students to take away from the stress instead of thinking about that upcoming paper they have due. It’s also a great workout in a short amount of time.”

Beth Williams, a junior graphic design major, agrees with Rende. Williams, who participated in the self defense class, said, “It’s a great stress reliever and a good way to get easy credit for your classes. I learned how to defend myself and got good exercise.”

Rende also said that students should really take advantage of the different activities at Cabrini. Rende said, “You don’t know you like an activity unless you try it.”

Rende has noticed that a lot of her students who learned all the rules of squash in her physical education classes from the past had grown to become very passionate about the game and are always seen at the Dixon Center playing.

The physical education classes offer students the opportunity to participate in activities like squash, Irish step dancing, kickboxing, self defense, first aid and CPR, tennis, volleyball, Zen yoga, nutrition/eating for health and movement for children.

Nonetheless, intercollegiate athletes may not receive credit for a physical education course associated with their sport. Most classes like kickboxing, Zen yoga, tennis, volleyball, first aid and CPR, squash and self defense, which are worth one credit, are all designed for students to develop a basic understanding and the fundamentals of each activity. Irish step dancing demands more time and is worth two credits. Nutrition/eating for health can help students to understand the different ways to follow a healthy lifestyle by learning the required nutrients for a person.

Dr. Tony Verde, the associate professor of exercise science health promotion, said, “We try to create activities of interest that will appeal to all the students. Our goal is to provide students with the basic knowledge and mechanics of each activity for life.”

Orlin Jespersen, the intramurals and recreational director, encourages students to participate in physical activities not only for class credit but out of class also.

Jespersen said, “We offer a lot of different intramurals that students should take advantage of. Now is the best time to do it.”

The intramurals being offered right now are volleyball, basketball and indoor soccer. Information sheets, rules and registration forms can be found at the front desk of the Dixon Center.

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Katherine Brachelli

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