PhotoStamps: the new way to personalize mail

By Latisha Johnson
November 19, 2004

With a variety of different sizes and colors, you can make your very own personalized stamps with just the simple click of a button. No more going to the post office and purchasing stamps, with PhotoStamps you have the luxury of ordering them right from your PC.

All that is needed is a digital camera, camera phone, scanner or even a graphics program; upload your pictures onto the site and your stamps will be sent directly to you.

Yes, this can be a tad more expensive than the ordinary sheet of stamps, but the creators of PhotoStamps have come up with personalized stamps for the price of $16.99 per book.

If that’s not inspiration maybe this is. No more reading the return address to see who your mail is from. With PhotoStamps the picture or logo is right on the envelope. Talk about convenience!

Originally PhotoStamps was just a test, to see how many people would actually be interested in purchasing personalized stamps, but now PhotoStamps is experiencing high demand.

The makers of PhotoStamps have already begun to distribute them. It has become popular so fast, that the normal two-to-three day wait has been extended.

After talking to Joyce Miller, from the local post office, she agrees that PhotoStamps is a definite success. “Everyday people come in asking about PhotoStamps. It’s sad to tell them that for now they have to order them online,” Miller said.

Until recently, even students at Cabrini weren’t sure what PhotoStamps were. When asked most didn’t even care. However, some had more interesting insight on PhotoStamps. Freshman Sabrina Shaw feels that PhotoStamps is a great idea.

“A lot of times I like to send postcards to my relatives especially around the holidays with me being away at school with PhotoStamps, I can send my picture too! It kind of kills two birds with one stone,” Shaw said. Others were not so excited about PhotoStamps such as senior Orlando Medina.

“This is just another way for the government to monitor what we send in the mail. I think this is stupid! Although the idea is appealing to the average mind, anyone with any common sense would realize that PhotoStamps is another way for the government to be in our business thus tracking our lives,” Medina said in a cynical demeanor.

Although there are some skeptics, most people would agree that PhotoStamps is actually a great idea. “Now that the holidays are approaching, the demand for PhotoStamps has increased. People are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to use PhotoStamps for Thanksgiving and Christmas cards; I’ve even heard of a few people who wanted to use them for Halloween Cards,” Miller said enthusiastically.

Whether you’re ordering stamps for business or for personal use, PhotoStamps has just what you need. From sophisticated personalized business stamps with company logos to personalized stamps with family portraits, PhotoStamps will be sure to have the look you need at a cost that’s relatively inexpensive.

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Latisha Johnson

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