Philly’s fans do it best

By Diana Vilares
November 10, 2006


Philadelphia is a city known for a lot of things-its cheese steaks (served on an Amoroso roll, preferably “Whiz wit”), the Liberty Bell, Rocky’s famous run up the Art Museum’s steps and brotherly love just to name a few.

But there are days when the love isn’t so brotherly and a cheese steak is the greatest thing to ever touch your lips and those glorious days are known as game days.

Sure, Philly hasn’t housed a title for any of its sports in more than 20 years, but a true Philly fan knows that the game is about more than that.

For me, it’s about walking into any Chickie’s and Pete’s on a Sunday afternoon during football season and feeling at home listening to the Eagles chant.

It’s about buying dollar dogs at a Phillies game and mastering the skill of dividing your attention between Chase Utley and the mega screen to make sure you’re not the idiot with food on your face if the camera decides to come find you.

Or, maybe it’s about spending $100 on your first Flyers jersey at the arena because you’re so excited to go to the game that getting it cheaper somewhere else never crossed your mind.

Or, is it about getting some of your favorite people together to watch a Sixer’s game and finding yourself standing up during overtime because you can’t take watching it sitting down?

Self-proclaimed “Huge Philly Fan” Steve Trednick, a junior sociology/criminal justice major, said that a Philly fan is “a person who is willing to watch the game until the very end. Even if the team is struggling, they just tough it out.”

He also sets aside Philly fans from all the rest, ” Philly fans are the best! You can’t get any better than them! They’ll let you know when you’re doing well, and you better believe that they’ll let you know when you suck.”

” I’m not a huge Philly fan, but when I’d go to a Flyers game, you’re damn right I joined in on the festivities,” said sophomore accounting major Gerard McEvilly.

“How could I not? It was absolutely insane. The people and the energy just took you in and you knew it was going to be a good game even before it started!”

To my unwelcoming ears, I’ve heard some pish-posh that suggests that Philadelphia sports fans aren’t loyal to their teams and that they turn on their players. But the people that have this hysterical idea of Philadelphia’s fans don’t understand the Philly attitude.

It’s simple.

Philadelphians are straightforward by nature; they tell it like it is.

There’s no room for sugarcoating when it comes to sports, and that’s especially true for Philly fans. It’s common knowledge that when a game is lost the team might fall victim to some form of mockery.

Even the players know it’s coming.

But the beauty in all of this is that the same fan that once was outraged by a disappointing season is guaranteed to be right back in the same seat, same time next year with a season ticket in hand ready to duke it out just one more round, knowing that a real Philly fan doesn’t understand what it’s like to give up.

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Diana Vilares

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