Philly Sports Box Sept. 16, 2015

By Patrick Whalen
September 16, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 3.22.48 PMPat’s first half review

The first-half of Monday night’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons displayed how flawed the Philadelphia Eagles really are.

Right from the get-go the Eagles could not get a single spark of energy through their offense. Atlanta brought the house more than the Eagles could handle and it showed. Not only were the Falcons crushing
the Eagles front line but were also drawing umpteen penalties. That was only the beginning of the Eagles struggles.

Julio Jones could not be stopped, aside from the interception thrown in the back of the end zone, Matt Ryan was nearly perfect and the Eagles were on their heels for the entire half.

Many people questioned the play calling by the Eagles offense. DeMarco Murray was rarely used in the first half and the Eagles continued to throw the ball.

By the end of the half the Eagles could only squeeze out a mere 3 points off of a Cody Par- key field goal.

The three underlying issues were play call- ing, penalties and the secondary. As long as the Eagles play more like they did in the second half, they should be fine.

Kevin’s second half review

The Philadelphia Eagles came out strong in the second half with an interception by Walter Thurmond. The Eagles offense took advantage of the turnover with a rush- ing touchdown from the new Eagle DeMarco Murray. The offense scored touchdowns on their next two offensive possessions as well.

Unfortunately, highly paid free agent signing Byron Maxwell continued to get beat by Julio Jones in the second half, allowing the Falcons to still move the chains. The Eagles defense tightened up in their territory though and only allowed two field goals in the second half.

On a fourth and one with less than three minutes left in the game Chip Kelly chose to have Parkey attempt a field goal rather than go for the first down. Parkey missed the field goal.

The Eagles got the ball back one more time but Jordan Matthews dropped a pass from Bradford and a Falcons defender intercepted it. The Eagles left Atlanta Monday night with an unexpected 26-24 loss.

Sam Bradford played very good in the second half completing 21 of
25 passes for 219 yards, one touchdown and one interception. The Eagles have reason to be optimistic because of the play of their quarterback.

Patrick Whalen

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