Phillies fans don’t have to be local

By Gillian Davis
April 23, 2009

Shannon Keough

I am a Phillies fan. I say it proudly.

I am also from Connecticut. Get your “I hopped on the bandwagon” comments out now.

I have been a fan since the third grade when my softball team was given Phillies jerseys. I wore the uniform with pride, albeit I never watched a Phillies game in my life.

I kept the title of a Phillies fan all throughout middle school and high school, mostly to avoid the war between Yankee and Red Sox fans.

My family, well mostly my dad, isn’t too happy with my choice team. I mean, we are a “New York” family.

This season, I have watched most of the games. I’ve talked over how last night’s game went with my friends and always made a mental note of when the next one was on.

I have to admit, I am not that great at calling games or how the team is going to play.

I’d rather just sit back and enjoy the rush of emotions I get when I see Cole Hamels strike out a rival hitter, or just seeing Cole Hamels in general.

Since I can’t predict how the Phillies are going to do this season, I will have to go off of my friends’ opinions.

One of my friends said to me the other day that the Phillies will do well this season. However they did trade the player with the best butt, Pat Burrell. You can’t expect girls to just pay attention to the score board. There are a lot of other things to look at.

I have to rely on my guy friends for the honest truth.

Some say that the Phillies are doing a great job keeping their heads after winning the World Series and could possibly have the chance to become repeat champions this year.

My other friends say that it’s just going to be like previous years.

The Phillies have a rough start, then they start winning and then they lose game after game. It’s so Philly.

Maybe it is too early to tell. And that’s the fun of it.

If it was predicted, you couldn’t spend those summer days tailgating in the parking lot, watching the drunks sloppily high five each other.

You would miss out on those moments when you are out of breath, holding on to the railing and clutching your side, as you are climbing up to the nose bleed section.

Could you pass up on ice cream in a hat? Dollar dog night? The free giveaways? Nope.

Plus, we would miss out on the genuine, home-grown talent that makes up the Phillies roster. Who needs teams like the Mets? So superficial.

My friends to this day say I hopped on the bandwagon, but I disagree. I put on my third grade Phillies t-shirt, with the number peeling off the back, and turn on the TV to watch the Phillies play ball.

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Gillian Davis

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