Philadelphia: College life in an urban mecca

By David Hare
November 13, 2019

College campuses traditionally offer a wide variety of activities and events for students to attend. They are a mecca for college students for their attractions and opportunities that they offer. With all the activities and functions to attend on campus, many students when they enter into their freshman year ask: what is there to do off campus?

It’s a Saturday morning in the fall. You wake up in your dorm with an entire day that is unplanned. The campus is quiet, making it feel like not much is going on. You are struggling to find things to do when in reality, there is a lot more that is going on around you than you think.

Being the 6th largest city in the nation, Philadelphia is home to a plethora of different activities ranging from historical sites, sporting events and some of the best food establishments in the country.  The city is rich with history  and culture which makes it appealing to many people from different backgrounds and interests. From the perspective of a young college student, the picturesque skyline and bustling streets resemble a symbol of opportunity for anyone who steps foot into the city.

“I love everything about it,” Camilia Katkocin, a senior political science and philosophy major, said. “On a nice day in the fall or winter I love to visit the Reading Terminal Market and see all the different food options they have to offer.”

The Reading Terminal Market is Philadelphia’s urban food market.  If you are a fan of food and like to try new things, the Reading Terminal Market offers food from many different countries. The options range from Chinese and Dutch food all the way to the typical Philadelphia favorites such as soft pretzels and cheesesteaks.

One of the biggest challenges to any city is learning how to navigate it. Philadelphia has numerous transportation methods such as Septa busses and many trains that run in and out of the city. For a Cabrini student, taking the train from the Radnor station into Philadelphia takes no more than 30 minutes and drops you off at 30th street station in West Philadelphia or two stops in Center City.

Once you arrive in Philadelphia, it can be very overwhelming at first if you are not accustomed to city life. Finding the right spot to eat can be challenging but Philadelphia has many food and drink options that can be found on South Street.

South Street is a stretch that is unique to the city because it is very trendy and unusual but provides you with some of the best eating options such as Jim’s Steaks. Philadelphia is known for their cheesesteaks and Jim’s Steaks along with many others such as Campos and Tony Lukes are just some of the eating options where you can find a quality cheesesteak.

Photo from Lincoln Financial Field at an Eagles game. Photo taken by David Hare

Another fun aspect of Philadelphia is visiting Old City, where the historical landmarks are located. Here is where you can find Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and many more old buildings that are rich in history.

For a college student, the nightlife is a big component of the city. If you are looking for a laid back spot to relax and hang out, you can visit Penn’s Landing which regularly hosts concerts and festivals for people to attend. It is located right alongside the Delaware River and provides a great atmosphere for anyone who enjoys outdoor music.

History, music and culture are some key factors that make the city what it is. Along with those aspects, sports is another major aspect that is ingrained into the city’s bloodline. Philadelphia is the home of five major sporting teams such as the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, Sixers and Union. The city has a huge emphasis on sports and it is regularly talked about throughout the city.

For college students, going to games is one of the best activities to do on a weekend if you are a sports fan. Cabrini sells discount tickets to students to make the price of admission cost-effective so you can enjoy the experience of going to a professional sporting event.  If you are a sports fan, this is the right city for you.

Photo of the One Liberty Place observation deck in Philadelphia. Photo Taken by David Hare

With all the rich history that encompasses the city, Philadelphia is a mecca of opportunities for young college students looking to find jobs and to have fun. Philadelphia is something special to the community and and provides the average college student with a lot of chances to succeed.

David Hare

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