Phantom Planet heads Spring Fling concert

By Christine Ernest
March 30, 2006

Brandon Edwards

It’s becoming tradition that after the dust settles from the daytime events of Spring Fling, a large-scale concert will take place.

This year’s Spring Fling concert will be April 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the Dixon Center. It will consist of headliners Phantom Planet with support provided by Pepper’s Ghost and Cabrini College’s own The Company.

There are many on Cabrini’s campus who are not familiar with the lead band.

“They [Phantom Planet] just have a few songs, and they have Jason Schwartzman,” Dan Cowhey, a senior history and secondary education major, said.

“And he [Schwartzman] is not in it anymore,” Conor McLaughlin, a senior philosophy major, said, cutting off Cowhey.

On the other hand, there are many students that are familiar with Phantom Planet.

Liz Ramos, a sophomore social work major, and George Walter, a sophomore criminal justice major, are excited for Phantom Planet to grace Cabrini College’s Dixon Center. They first heard of the group when they opened up for Maroon 5 last summer.

“I think they’re really good. I bought all of their CDs, and I listened to them all summer. I listen to them now,” Walter said.

Ramos said she liked Phantom Planet because their songs “seem mellow.”

Walter described the band as a “mixture of the Strokes with Weezer.”

Although Phantom Planet might seem like they got their fame through having actor Jason Schwartzman originally on drums and having their song used on a hit television show, the California boys have been around for a while.

The college’s Campus Activities and Planning Board is in charge of getting the music acts to perform at Spring Fling. Senior English and communication major Lori Ianella is in charge of planning the concert.

Phantom Planet got its start in the mid ’90s, taking their name from the ’60s sci-fi movie. One listen to their whimsical indie rock and one can tell Elvis Costello and The Kinks have influenced them. The group has been compared to modern-day artists, such as Weezer, The Strokes and Pavement.

Their first album was entitled “Phantom Planet Is Missing” and was released in 1998.

Although critics weren’t the biggest fans of the album, the group still made appearances on television shows, such as “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” and “Get Real,” according to All Music Guide.

The Los Angeles boys then released their sophomore album, entitled “The Guest.” It was from this album that the song “California” hails from, gaining popularity from appearing on the soundtrack to the movie “Orange County” and becoming the anthem for the popular show “The O.C.”

Last year’s major concert was headlined by punk rockers, The Bouncing Souls.

“I personally like the Bouncing Souls more [than Phantom Planet], but I guess it’s good for people who aren’t really into punk music,” McLaughlin said. “It will appeal more to the Maroon 5 and Dave Matthews Band crowd, which seems to have a strong following here.”

Supporting the California boys is Pepper’s Ghost. This group has made two appearances at Cabrini College. Their last appearance was last semester as part of an in-studio performance in conjunction with the college’s radio station, 89.1 WYBF-FM The Burn.

Ticket prices are $10 for Cabrini students and $12 for regular admission. Tickets for the concert are currently on sale everyday in Jazzman’s Caf

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Christine Ernest

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