Pet peeve: the many empty seats in class

By Christina Williams
October 30, 2003

Angelina Wagner

Aristotle once said, “The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.” I firmly believe in this quote and support Aristotle’s way of thinking.

Every morning I get up and go to class and there are times I get to class and the attendance is absolutely surprising. In some of my classes there is a maximum of 15 people and sometimes I go to that class and there are only nine people there.

As I sit in class I think ‘how can these people not go to class ?’ I understand if they are really sick or there is some type of emergency, but other than that I just don’t understand.

I begin to wonder if I’m the one who has the problem. I think to myself maybe my high school just enforced the importance of regular attendance more than other schools. I cannot remember a day where there were more than 10 absentees in each class.

If I see someone in my class that I know I’ll ask them why they weren’t in class. The response I usually get is ‘I didn’t feel like getting up and going to class.’ I then think to myself ‘who cares if you feel like it ?’ It is something that we have to do everyday. I mean what are these people going to do when they are out in the workforce?

Being a communications major and taking career development I have learned that college students don’t get the jobs they want when they get out of college if they don’t have certain skills. Taking what I know and applying it to those who don’t feel like going to class I just want to inform them that they are in for a rude awakening after graduation.

Honestly, what are these students going to do when they are at low-paying-jobs that they don’t even want to do? How are they going to explain to their bosses they didn’t go to work because they didn’t feel like it?

My best friend and I always talk about graduating from college and having good jobs. Getting a great job is our motivation for going to class.

Even though it does get boring real quick with the same old routine, I have to remind myself that when I leave Cabrini I’ll have the education I need to do whatever it is I want. I won’t have to be embarrassed when I show my resume to prospective employers and it says that I graduated a year or two late because I had so many classes to make up because I failed them due to lack of attendance.

I also know that attendance is something employers look at when considering hiring a person. No company is going to hire a person who cannot keep a constant schedule. Poor attendance is only hurting those who don’t go to class and it is going to severely affect them when it comes to getting a job.

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Christina Williams

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