Admissions employees promoted: Directors will have larger role in ensuring the development of department

By Nick LaRosa
January 16, 2011

Recently promoted to Associate Director of Admissions, Peter Schauster will continue many of the same duties while moving forward in his own professional development.

Originally from Manchester, Conn., Peter Schauster has a close bond with his family, enjoys snowboarding in his free time and is a sports fanatic.

If you need visual evidence of that last one, look no further than the bookshelf in the corner of his office that is lined with a multitude of bobblehead figurines.

As strong as his bond with the New England area is, you could argue that there is one place that he has an even greater connection with: Cabrini College.

Schauster, who was promoted to associate director of admissions on Jan. 1, completed his undergraduate studies at Cabrini in 2005, and earned his master’s degree in 2010.

As associate director of admissions, Schauster will continue to play a pivotal role in the recruitment cycle, all the while updating the website for admissions and overseeing the college’s student ambassadors.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” Schauster said, in regards to his recent promotion.  “I see myself working in the profession for a long time and I now have more opportunities for professional development.  I know I still have a lot to learn, but I plan on learning as much as I can.”

With his new title, Schauster will aim to bring in the best class of students to educate while also “taking advantage of the web in terms of recruitment.”

“I’m going to continue what I’ve always done – recruit students,” Schauster said.  “Recruiting students for me comes natural.”

Once a student himself, Schauster recalls his junior year of college when, as a student ambassador, he came into contact with the admissions office.  Now, as associate director of admissions, Schauster can further interact with Cabrini’s student ambassadors and monitor their progress.

“I enjoy working with the students here, even though my role is a little different than that of a professor,” Schauster said.  “Once I work with a student for some time, a bond grows and I get to see them succeed.”

Having been at Cabrini for as long as he has, Schauster is looking to gradually make progress within the admissions field and potentially hold a director position someday.

“I wouldn’t want to have this opportunity anywhere else,” Schauster said.  “I really am blessed to do this at a school that I have had such strong ties with.”

Across the hall from Schauster’s office in admissions, you will find Tracey Kemery.  When not in the enrollment operations office, Kemery can likely be found spending time with family and friends, training at the gym with her husband, Tom, or finding a fix for her self-proclaimed shoe addiction.

Kemery also serves as a star consultant for the home-based decorating company Willow House.

Kemery was promoted to associate director of enrollment operations on Jan. 1, a title that has merited her a higher level of responsibility and oversight of the day-to-day operations.

“I will have a larger role on the team that evaluates our efforts and determines strategic goals going forward,” Kemery said.  “I am also taking over a budget line and I am looking forward to learning about that aspect of the department.”

Kemery also oversees the work grant and work-study students in addition to working with vendors, supervising the call center and helping to recruit the best students. Kemery graduated from Cabrini herself and crossed paths with the enrollment operations office her freshman year as a work-grant student.

“The enrollment operations office was looking for help filing and mailing letters,” Kemery said. “I figured that was an easy way to pass the time and get my grant fulfilled.  Taking the job was one of the best decisions of my life.”

From her time as a student to her recent promotion within the enrollment operations office, Kemery is amazed at all that the school has taught her over the years.

“Cabrini always gave me the experience, guidance and love that I needed,” Kemery said.  “When enrolling 11 years ago, I never would have imagined my life to have turned out how great it is, and I owe that to Cabrini.”

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Nick LaRosa

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