Pep band coming soon to Cabrini

By Christina Piselli
September 26, 2002

Michelle Crowley

Dr. Adeline Bethany, chair of the fine arts department, was informed of a student interest in forming a pep band to play at school games. However, there is one problem, no one knows who these students are.

A pep band is a small group that plays music to energize and excite the crowd. Bethany said, ” It is a good idea and we should pursue it.” John Dzik, director of athletics, said, “It would be great if we could use the musical expertise of the student body to enhance school spirit.”

Bethany has been informing her students about the idea of developing a pep band but no one has expressed an interest. If enough students are seriously interested, who play a diversity of instruments, Bethany would look into hiring a coach and planning a budget. Preferable instruments to form a pep band are percussion, brass and woodwind.

If you are picturing your high school band sitting in the stands with silly uniforms, then get rid of that image. Bethany would like to work with the students and create a band based on their opinions and ideas. Once there is an estimated number of how many students are interested then details such as when and where the band would play can be determined. The type of music performed will be based on the skill level and judgment of the students. Bethany said, ” It definitely won’t be Mozart.” She doesn’t know of any other private colleges that have a pep band. All those interested in sharing their musical talent please contact Bethany at extension 8380.

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Christina Piselli

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