People making a BIG difference at Cabrini

By Jillian Milam
March 11, 2005

Chris Gentile

Teachers and professors are without a doubt vital to any college campus. Well, what about the people that make the world go around for Cabrini who do not get the recognition they deserve?

Imagine life without the help of the Information & Technology Resource Department. Lauren Kupniewski, 25, serves as the ITR Coordinator/Analyst at Cabrini and plays a major role in helping students with their computer problems. With three years of part-time work at the Help Desk Group and Computer Administrator’s Group at Drexel University, Kupniewski graduated from there in 2002. She then began working full-time at Cabrini beginning in Sept. 2002.

“The IT group here is really good. I enjoy working with a small group and we really work well together,” Kupniewski said. “The position allows me to have freedom. I’m not stuck doing one thing all the time.”

She could not be closer to the truth. Kupniewski is involved with so much in regards to the technology at Cabrini, whether she is helping students with computer problems in their dorms, helping people get on the network or assisting with web site maintenance.

“All the calls and requests come through me. So I need to delegate the calls, help students, aid people with wireless computers, fix the audio or video in classrooms for teachers; I kind of dabble into everything,” Kupniewski said.

Cabrini students recognize her hard work and commented on her kindness. Lori Ianella, junior English and communication major, said, “She is always so helpful for the computer illiterate…and my computer loves her!”

Colleen Bowman, junior business major, wanted to show appreciation to all the people who do maintenance work around the school, she said, “A lot of facilities people are really nice. I worked here over the summer and we had problems with the vents. They were more than willing to help.”

Although Jazzman’s Caf

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Jillian Milam

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