Peanut Chews may not stay as chewy

By Diana Ashjian
November 12, 2004

Lori Iannella

Take some peanuts, drown them in gooey syrup and coat them with irresistible milk chocolate and voila, a Peanut Chew is born. But, not “just born,” per say. Peanut chews were born in 1890 when Romanian immigrant David Goldberg opened up a confection factory that started out as a candy store on Kensington Ave. in Philadelphia, which gave us one of the top 15 candy picks of the mid-Atlantic. Some have often wondered how many peanuts are in a Peanut Chew. More importantly though, why are we hearing that peanut chews are just born when they were actually born 114 years ago?

Just Born, Inc. has bought the Goldberg’s family owned business out, that’s why. Just Born, Inc. is the company responsible for manufacturing globs of sugar that masquerade as ducks, but are called peeps. Izzy Grinspan of “Philadelphia Weekly” describes peeps as “vaguely homicidal” to bite into as opposed to the taffied texture of a peanut chew. But, who cares about peeps when Peanut Chews are being exploited as is the almost extinct dignity of small, family-owned businesses in the confectionary world.

Diane Wizimirski, senior, isn’t fazed by the actual buy-out of Goldberg’s name, nor does she care in the least that Peanut Chews may not be so chewy anymore beginning in January. Just Born, Inc. plans to expand our modest little Peanut Chews internationally with less molasses and darker chocolate to appeal to more than just some East and mostly mid-Atlantic states. But, Wizimirski also admitted to never even tasting a Peanut Chew. With wide eyes and a watery mouth, Victor O’Connor, sophomore, could not believe his ears. “What do you mean you never had a Peanut Chew? Part of what makes a Peanut Chew a Peanut Chew is spending 10 minutes trying to swallow it!” O’Connor said. Wizimirski shrugged with a laugh as she told O’Connor to have fun picking his teeth as he declared that his very next venture was to find an original peanut chew in one of the candy vendors on campus.

Reassuringly, though, peanut chews are not being discontinued and Goldberg’s Philadelphia factory will remain open. Even though Peanut Chews will undergo some reconstructions Just Born, Inc. is actually saving the quaint candies from the oblivion that dominating chocolate manufacturers like Nestle and Hershey have continually threatened. O’Connor and the rest of the campus who enjoy peanut chews as much as they love Cracker Jacks and Tootsie Rolls can rest assured that Peanut Chews aren’t going anywhere. As for Wizimirski, her goal is to try a Peanut Chew before her time is up in January, which is when peanut Chews will begin their transformations so that the whole world and not just some of it can love them, too.

“It’s not like I never ate a Tootsie Pop, now that’s a classic candy that everyone has had to have had,” said Wizimirski. “Yeah, but I bet you still never figured out how many licks it takes to get to the center of one,” exclaimed O’Connor. “Well, I bet you don’t know how many peanuts are in a Peanut Chew,” said Wizimirski.

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Diana Ashjian

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