Paying for thirsty Thursdays

By Staff Writer
December 1, 2005

As I sit in my room and plan my day I hear the constant screams, running and giggling that symbolize a typical “thirsty Thursday” at Cabrini College. Is Cabrini becoming a party school? I tell myself no but this thought has been crossing my mind for months. I love Cabrini and what it stands for, but I’m starting to think students appreciate the freedom Cabrini gives them from their parents more than the lessons that Cabrini can teach them.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a prude and it would be a lie to say I have never drank on a boring Thursday night, but I never act like some of the drunk people I see wandering around New Res. this year. I can honestly say I have never been drunk and I am not trying to say everyone who gets drunk should go to jail. But I am saying that the drinking in public on this campus has gotten out of control.

When I walk around New Res on a Thursday I see people holding beer cans out in the open and I think when did people forget what discretion means. To put it more simply, Cabrini students have realized “hey, we’ll get no consequences for what we do because no one cares so let’s be dumb on top of loud at 2 a.m. while some may be studying or sleeping.”

Cabrini students get drunk and that is fine but what is not fine is that they break, steal and just vandalize things that I will have to pay for. Let me make this clear. I have no money to pay for useless fines that I was not even awake to even consider being a part of. I do not know what people get out of stealing exit signs or sprinkler caps or pulling the fire alarms at 3 a.m. but if I find who did it a slap would be in order.

I pay basically $9,000 to live in a place that smells half the time and is always loud because this year people come to New Res to party all night. I love to party, but in New Res there is absolutely no respect for other people. I mean if it’s 3 a.m. you can party all night for all I care but if you live down the hallway why do I hear you when my door is closed? If you live in another hallway, why can I hear your whole conversation about how drunk you are? It does not make my day to hear random people say “oh my gosh I’m so drunk” while I am trying to get the few hours of sleep I can.

I am just pissed off because I am sure that as of right now I absolutely do not want to live on this campus ever again after this year because I have had it. I will come back to chill and party but I cannot take the noise and disrespect from other residents. The weekends on this campus are even worse, which is why I go home, because I might end up hurting someone.

So Cabrini students, are you happy that the faculty sees us all as drunken idiots who are ruining the school’s reputation or are you too drunk to know what reputation means. Well I’ll say this when I came to Cabrini I knew there would be drinking but I don’t think most of the students here have any regard for the values of this Catholic college, themselves or others because the things that happen here go from having fun to total chaos that no one is trying to fix.

Posted to the web by Tim Hague

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Staff Writer

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