Party, parking and public safety change not for the better

By Cheryl Tranchitella
February 14, 2002

After reading Catharine Hernson’s perspective “Public safety cracks down hard on athletes,” I realized that public safety is cracking down on everyone since last semester.

You would think that public safety would be harder on the students in the first semester of school since we are just coming back from a three month break and a little more lenient in the second semester.

Do not get me wrong, I wish they would be more easy-going in both semesters.

I feel like they were buttering us up last semester so we thought we could have a great year with all of our friends and now we get slapped in the face with almost two write-ups in one weekend, sometimes even in one night.

I do realize they are just doing their jobs but it was so much better last semester.

For some reasons last semester seemed to be much calmer than this semester. I think it is because we had more leeway and were actually treated somewhat like adults. This semester is the complete opposite. There are more restrictions that in turn make people rebel against those restrictions.

Not to mention the unfair treatment we, the students, have been receiving recently. There is one instance that comes to mind. A public safety officer chased a number of young male students on foot and actually tackled one to the ground. We are human beings, not animals.

What if our parents fully knew that we were being treated in such a manner?

You think Cabrini College is small now? The reason for students leaving Cabrini is not due to their major not being offered, but due to the lack of respect they receive on this campus. Not to mention being treated like animals.

Another issue is public safety’s training. Do they go through the same training as the resident assistants do as far as party violations? I can recall a night where public safety had to call the RA on duty to figure out what to do and how to go about the situation because they did not know.

I am not only talking about the party scene. Parking is a big issue also. I am stating this issue because last semester we had dumpsters located in the back of the houses.

They were removed and new dumpsters were supposedly going to be put in their place. Instead, theses new dumpsters are taking up at least two parking spaces in numerous locations. This is causing students to pile up the parking in the house driveways.

This situation is nothing new. People would park anywhere with the exception of on the grass and not worry about getting tickets. It is not so much the same this semester.

I am not trying to sound disrespectful in the least. I am just trying to put some logic in the students thinking. I also fully understand that public safety is on campus to protect the students.

Yet I think it needs to be known that we are away from home and most of us, not all of us, are responsible enough to be on our own. Try to remember that.

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Cheryl Tranchitella

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