P.A.R.T.Y. helps students cherish memories

By Katie Engell
February 12, 2009

Patrick McGowan

Students looked to the past to create memory boxes on Thursday, Jan. 29, in the East Residence Hall lounge. This event was hosted by P.A.R.T.Y., an organization that was started to offer students who don’t drink an opportunity to interact and participate in activities where there is no pressure to drink.

This week, students gathered with a variety of arts and crafts and reflected their personal styles and memories into boxes.

“I’ve been coming to all the events since September and the same group of people usually gets together. The events are really fun and relaxing, and that’s what attracted me to P.A.R.T.Y.,” Katie Keller, freshman accounting major, said.

Memory boxes are an easy way to store and cherish mementos that don’t always fit into an album. On Thursday night, students decorated their boxes with colored paper, patterned ribbon, markers, magazine cut-outs and photographs.

“I don’t drink so the idea that there’s an alternative activity for me to do and spend with a group of people who feel the same is the reason I started attending the activities,” Danielle DiBartolo, freshman social work major, said.

This student run organization stands for Promoting Alcohol Responsibility Through You and began running events three years ago. The events take place every Thursday night of the academic year because Thursdays are a popular night for many students to participate in social events centered around drinking.

Another reason why students attend P.A.R.T.Y. events is because it also provides them a place where they cannot get in trouble for being in the presence of alcohol.

There is the possibility for students at Cabrini to get written up for being around those who have consumed alcohol, even if they have not consumed any drinks. They are ultimately guilty by association and this gives students all the more reason to disassociate themselves from the party in the dorms or even off campus.

“I like to think it offers students a place to go who don’t want to go out and get drunk. It gives students the opportunity to do something I couldn’t have done my freshman year,” senior psychology, sociology and religious studies major Danielle Murphy said.

Murphy is the President of P.A.R.T.Y. and organizes the various activities. The next two Thursdays students will be able to participate in Dance Dance Revolution and Valentine’s Day cards and cookies.

Cabrini offers several different groups for students to express their individuality.

The Black Student Union serves as a student run organization for African-American students to reflect on their culture through events and peer groups.

La Raza is a very similar organization, but for students of Hispanic decent. There is also a group called Sanctuary, which is run by Cabrini’s Gay/Straight Alliance. This group offers peer support and educational activities to promote homosexuality.

Not only does P.A.R.T.Y. help promote alcohol awareness, but other student-run organizations are provided for students who share similar qualities or beliefs where they can have a fun time.

Any students can start an organization by contacting the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership.

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Katie Engell

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