Part Two: Skipping across the Atlantic

By Cristin Marcy
October 9, 2003

Brian Fry’s website

Brian Fry, senior English/communications major, is planning on accomplishing nothing short of an adventure during his fall semester, which is being spent in Manchester, England. Fry is currently studying abroad at Manchester Metropolitan University, which is “much bigger than our precious Cabrini.”

He is studying communications, specifically theater and corporate media at the university. Unlike his usual Cabrini semester, Fry began classes on Monday, Sept. 29 and is living in an on-campus dorm that is not far from the Manchester city life.

“Studying abroad is an adventure like no other, so I felt I had to when the opportunity presented itself,” Fry said, which is why Fry has already been around Manchester’s Center City, Chatsworth Mansion, and Blackpool. During his time there, Fry will also visit the home of The Beatles, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, and Dublin, Ireland, just to name a few.

Things are very different compared to normal American ways. There is a five-hour difference between America and Manchester, and if that does not make things confusing enough, three times a week, Fry rides on a double decker bus on the opposite side of the road. As if the language and slang here in the states cannot get confusing enough, over in England, French fries are called ‘chips,’ potato chips are called ‘crisps,’ and a ‘mate’ is a friend. The movie “Finding Nemo” is just about to come out in theaters whereas in America, it is about to hit the stores.

Fry gives advice to all of those who are thinking about possibly studying abroad in upcoming semesters, “Study everything about where you come from and the country you’re going to before you leave. And leave your American stereotype on the place you are going to behind!”

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Cristin Marcy

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