Part II: Spring Break in Cancun

By Geri Lynn Utter
February 28, 2002

photos by Leanne Pantone and Ryan Mulloy

Where else can a typical college student go over spring break to see beautiful girls baring it all in string-bikinis and sexy guys flaunting their stuff on white sanded beaches? It is definitely not the New Jersey shore. The place to be over spring break is Cancun, Mexico.

Upon arriving to Cancun, one may find its beaches breathing-taking and the resort food not so appetizing, but when night falls the fun begins. Cancun can be described best as party central. It is a place where girls let more than just their hair down and guys leave more then just their shirts behind.

After the tedious task of passing through customs, students are shipped onto a bus stocked with Corona. The bus driver yells, “cervesa,” “cervesa” and people charge for the cooler to buy a cold bottle of beer for two American-dollars.

The next thing on everyone’s agenda is arriving to the hotel for a week-long stay in the tropical paradise of Cancun, Mexico. After unpacking, people charge to the pool to bake in the sun. Hanging- out by the pool gives everyone a chance to get acquainted with one another. If you think chilling out by the pool while sipping on pi

Geri Lynn Utter

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