Participants angered over outcome of Cabrini Idol

By Patrick McGowan
March 15, 2007

Meghan Hurley

The Winners, a group made up of eight Campus Activities and Programming Board, won the Cabrini Idol competition held on Saturday, March 10 in the Dixon Center.

This brought up much debate between the other contestants and the audience.

Sophomore liberal arts major Jennifer Daily, who had been a contestant on Cabrini Idol, was not happy when The Winners were declared in first place.

Daily said that Cabrini Idol turned out to be a, “Popularity contest on who could abuse the microphone the most.”

This was a charity event for the St. Jude’s Foundation and raised $300 on Saturday for the cause. Throughout the year the letter writing party Up ‘Til Dawn had this year, the club raised over $19 thousand.

Cabrini Idol had started and many people went to the stage. Some went for the $100 prize; some went to show what they were capable of and others went on the stage for a good time.

The night had many highlights, such as a front flip by sophomore English and communication major John Jonas during a performance of “It’s the Middle” and sophomore Bridget Flynn kicked off her shoes during her performance of “American Pie”.

Jonas said that the last Cabrini Idol had been two years ago and he was looking forward to being the Cabrini Idol this year.

“I’m broke, so money would be good,” he said.

There were also two guests that appeared after the Cabrini students sang their hearts out. One was a St. Jude’s child by the name of Corey Agnew. He and his family came to the stage to speak about severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome and their experience. The other guest to the show was Justin Guarini from the first season of American Idol.

Guarini came to the stage and sang some songs from his new album as well as some old ones. In between songs he tried his hand at stand-up comedy.

After Guarini had finished entertaining the crowd, the winners of Cabrini Idol were announced. In third place was the duo of Amanda Stout, an English and communication major, and Kelsie LeBauve, a religious studies major, for their performance of “Any man of mine.”

First place, however, managed to degrade Cabrini Idol. The group that took first place, The Winners, was a group of eight CAP board members. The group had the advantage not because of musical talent, but because when it came time to vote, those eight were able to vote for themselves as well as the rest of the CAP board members there.

Daily also said that, “CAP board members shouldn’t have won their own event, that seems a little selfish.”

After the winners of Cabrini Idol were announced, there were festivities that the audience could enjoy to prolong their night of music.

This included a chocolate fountain, making your own rock music video and inflatable Twister.

Even though many were upset with the results of the show, the St. Judes Foundation is walking away with $19 thousand to help as many children as possible.

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Patrick McGowan

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