Parking shortage frustrates students

By Staff Writer
September 18, 2003

Susan Humes

Tracy Sprague, a junior transfer student from Delaware County, in a rush to be on time for class resorted to parking in the administration’s parking spot in front of Grace Hall when an empty space was not be found. “I’m probably going to get a ticket but it’s either that or be late for class,” Sprague said.

The parking problem for students at Cabrini has become a frustrating game of finding a way into spots at every angle. By early morning the lots are filled and those looking for spaces resort to parking on the grass. Students have been in a quandary as to where to park at Cabrini.

Charlie Schaffner, director of public safety said, “we are not giving out any tickets except for impeding traffic. We have given out numerous tickets particularly in the residential areas because parking on the grass could prevent medical aid from arriving.”

When questioned about a solution to the parking problem, Schaffner said. “After [Monday, Sept.] 15 we are ticketing earnestly. Residents are not to park in the Founder’s Hall parking lot because the lot is for commuters and administrators.” Residents will be restricted to residential areas and the Dixon lot.”

Construction on the new science building has led to many construction vehicles taking up space resulting in the loss of valuable student parking spots.

“We did pave five new parking spaces but because the new science building is not a new curriculum, there will not be a new parking area when construction is done,” Mike Caranfa, director of planning and construction, commented.

“The master plan calls for a parking garage to be installed in the Dixon lot at some point in the future,” Caranfa said in regard to building a garage.

Students at Cabrini, however, want a solution now. Walking from the far end of the quickly-filled Dixon Center parking lot, Daria Piwonski, a senior commuter, said, “I don’t want to deal with it [the parking problem]. It is a hassle.”

“After the family weekend we will strip a little bit of land in front of Grace Hall. Twenty spaces will be there for construction workers to park,” Caranfa said.

Schaffner said, “Parking permits do not guarantee a spot. Public safety does observe a rule of thumb. If there are not ten consecutive parking spots you may park on the grass.” This rule applies all the time.

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Staff Writer

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