Paris Hilton and the Law

By Kristen Heilmann
September 6, 2010

Oh, just another run in with the authority for Ms. Paris Hilton. Is Paris Hilton innocent or is she guilty is a question wondered by many.

Drug- and alcohol-related arrests are not new when it comes to Hilton. The ways each of her arrests have gone make it easy for assumptions to go either way.

Hilton has been arrested quite a few times this year and has gotten a handful of second chances. Her weekend excitement is usually some of the highly talked about scandals of Hollywood.

A little over a week ago, Paris Hilton was arrested outside her hotel in Las Vegas. Hilton got charged with possession of cocaine. This incident actually happened right down the street from where her boyfriend owns a night club which she was beforehand.

Paris Hilton has now been banned from Wynn hotels for this recent arrest outside one of their hotels in Las Vegas.

It would have been funny if she happened to be banned from her grandfather’s Hilton hotels. Wouldn’t it?

Maybe she’ll get lucky like her recent arrest in South Africa where she got arrested for suspicion of marijuana possession.  There she got all her charges dropped.

Paris Hilton’s charges being dropped is rather doubtful to happen a second time. Especially with her terrible excuses she has been using.

One example could be Ms. Hilton was in the wrong place at the wrong time with “the wrong purse?”

Go figure, now that she was caught with a bad of cocaine in her purse, it’s not hers. Although past photos of her have her carrying the same purse before the incident occurred. Coincidence, I think not.

Hilton does not bite her tongue when it comes to making up excuses. Nor does she ever cease to amaze the public eye with her many recent arrests as well as her wild nights out with her friends.

Paris Hilton is famous for being famous, with thanks to her wealthy grandfather, Conrad Hilton. Hilton has grown so large in the media’s eye, with her hand in TV shows and clothing products.

Hilton continues to find ways to put her name out more and more. She goes about this in many different ways either with bad publicity of a reckless night out or copywriting the phrase “That’s Hot.”

Paris Hilton is one of the most famous celebrities with a high volume of publicity. She is all over our televisions and computers just for being so rich and reckless.

Hilton being arrested is not shocking to the public eye. Finding her being guilty wouldn’t be any more shocking.

Kristen Heilmann

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