Parents sacrifice for a better life

By Melani Gomes
October 9, 2003

Angelina Wagner

As the Widener parking lot becomes filled with commuter cars in the early morning, and students begin to walk across campus to their next class, you can see the diversity among students at Cabrini, and how it affects our College in a large way.

I come from a typical middle class American family from the Philadelphia suburbs, but what many might not know, is that my parents are immigrants from Portugal, English is my second language, and I am one of the first people in my extended family to attend college.

Emigrating from one country to another such as the U.S.A. for freedom and hope is not an easy thing, but thanks to different clubs and organizations in colleges such as Cabrini, you have the opportunity to talk to others and learn as well.

The Border Experience was an eye-opening reality which really changed the way I thought about my family. Instead of being ashamed as a young child that my immigrants are from a different background than all my friends, I felt proud and thankful. I would not have received the education I have now if it was not for them to make the decision to move here.

I know firsthand how difficult it is for people such as my family who come to this country as an immigrant and the hardships they face.

That is why I am glad there are different clubs such as Ethnic Student Alliance, International Club and Latinos Unidos, that promote cultural diversity.

We can learn from the stories we hear, and bring a more positive outlook, and also respect for our many students.

While attending this college, it’s also comforting to know that Mother Cabrini is the patron of immigrants. To me, that is a sign of welcome and understanding for every member of our College.

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Melani Gomes

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