OW! That Darn Back Pain, Again!

By Staff Writer
April 25, 2002

As I was reading Clarence’s letter I found it quite interesting how I had similarly pulled the same knife out of my back not too long ago, funny thing is that the same initials were carved on it–SHS. Here is my story; I hope it entertains you as much as it has me. The first problem occurred when I was not asked back as an RA for the year of 2002-2003. So sometimes that happens, what are you going to do? I still wanted to know why I was not asked back. I was given four different reasons as to why I wasn’t being re-hired. One of the being that I was not qualified enough, when I asked what made me less qualified now then before, the answer changed to “I was not the type of person Cabrini College was looking for to represent them in the Residence Life Staff.” Discrimination much? So again, I asked what type of person are you looking for? That answer again was changed to I am not enthusiastic and/or positive enough to be part of the staff. Have they met me before? I mean if they had then they would know I am a very enthusiastic person and always positive. The fourth and final change of reasons was that it was an overall consensus that I was just not a good person to be a second-year RA. So I kept asking questions and I kept getting the run-around. I then told my residents that I was not being re-hired and they were upset. If you knew of the relationship between my girls and I you would understand why they were upset. So as I was doing my routine fire and safety checks, which we complete every month, I noticed a letter on one of my girls desk. Two other RAs were with me at this time and they also saw the letter that the residents wrote to each other. The letter was from two other residents in the building. The letter stated that the residents of Woodcrest where gathering letters on my behalf because they felt I should have been re-hired as an RA. So the girls got the letters together and handed them into David Carpenter. Carpenter told them that it does not matter what the residents say, their mind was made up and I was not going to be re-hired as an RA. Now, here is my question, aren’t RAs hired to be there for residents? So why wouldn’t residents opinions matter? The only answer I could think of was that Residence Life does not hire RAs for residents; Residence Life hires RAs for Residence Life. Strange, I know. However, it someone had apparently got it into their head that I was “soliciting” residents for these letters. So I was called in Shayla-Hasic Stamps office and I was told to stop. When I told her that I wasn’t doing it, she just again told me to stop. DARN THAT BACK PAIN!! Sorry, momentary lapse. So I wondered how do I stop doing something I never did. After my meeting I was again called into the Residence Life Office on March 25th, this time I was told that I was fired and had two days too move out and into another room. One of the reasons that I was fired was because I missed a meeting and was late too a one-on-one staff meeting. Yes, I forgot to call and it happens. Nonetheless I called and apologized for my error and my RD seemed to be ok with it. I made a mistake and I was sorry. I could see if my RD was never late, but she was always late, so why is it all of a sudden a big deal that I am late. In fact she had called an emergency meeting on March 25th to tell the rest of the staff that I was fired and she was late to that one too. If you wonder why she was late, it was because she was at the Wig-Wam playing Bingo. Now if you are wondering why I was late to my meeting, it was because I was doing a photo project, however they failed to remember that I am a student before I am an RA. Nonetheless I digress. The second reason was that I was soliciting residents to write letters, which, again, I never did, and I have witnesses. The third reason, again, was here-say someone said I said something that I did not say and there was no proof to prove either way. Now I am not saying I am the best RA, but by far am I the worst, and I know I am not the favorite by Residence Life Standards. However, Pennsylvania has a law that allows employees to hire and fire at will. So if Residence Life, lets say, doesn’t like you, then they can fire you at any given point. If this were true for all cases then everyone would be fired. I mean if all a person had to do was go up there and say someone did something without actually having any proof of it, there would be no RAs. Everyone would be fired, oh wait everyone is getting fired. I begin to wonder why it is I ever took this job. Then I remember the memories of my residents. The times we would sit together in the hallway and make door tags, or when they would draw me pictures telling me to cheer up when I was having a bad day. At this point I had written letters to Shayla Hasic-Stamps, David Carpenter and Laura Valente. All letters went in vain, since no one cared to here what I had to say anyway. So the next person up, that’s right, President Idoraola herself. However, she just passed the letter down the Laura Valente who told my dad the same things she had told me. What message are we trying to send to the students of Cabrini College? If the message is that “we don’t care” then it has been sent clearly! So the knife was out and the back pain stopped, but my respect for Residence Life is lost. Oh yeah. Did I mention that I was told in my meeting by Sandra Tilford and Shayla Hasic-Stamps that if there where to be any other letters or petitions written on my behalf that further consequences would be taken against me. Well, I was already fired, so what is the next thing they could take away from me? I’ll let you figure that out. This college promotes that students should stand up for what they believe in, however if you do then you could end up like me fired and almost homeless. I never knew that I would start such a trend of RAs being fired. I guess they figured that if they can do it to one, then they could do it to all. I think the worst thing is that all those other RAs left behind now have to pick up the slack, they aren’t even being compensated for it. So I am sorry to all those RAs I left behind. So ask yourself now, is it worth the free room and board?

Catherine Pirrone Ex-RA
Ext 5117

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Staff Writer

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