Owens shows more emotion on field

By Katie Hodgins
April 28, 2005

Some may think that it is too early to be excited about the upcoming Eagles season, but many may have to remember that there are no fans like the fans in Philadelphia. One person that has definitely started to realize this is our star player.

A few weeks ago, I heard that T.O. was making statements about not being paid enough. I could understand this. He is a terrific athlete. He did get 14 touchdowns in the regular season. He played a great game in the Super Bowl after being hurt. Lastly, he is T.O.; it was to be expected.

What then began coming out of his mouth and out of his eyes is the reason I became angry along with many other Eagles fans. He actually had the audacity to say he needed more money to get his “poor” mom out of the factory. Then, he actually had the guts to let tears come out of his eyes. Are you kidding me? C’mon now. You couldn’t get your mom out of the factory with the 9 million you made last year? Did you think the citizens of Philadelphia would feel bad for you?

I think T.O. should go and complain to the single mother in North Philly who is working two jobs just to keep food on the table. Not only does she work tremendously hard, but her mom works in a factory as well. T.O. should meet this woman; they’d hit it off. They have so much in common.

Then, after this he takes a shot at Donovan by saying “I’m not the one who got tired on Super Bowl Sunday.” Oh, that’s great. First you make the fans angry and now you’re insulting teammates in an effort to get paid more. We really don’t need out superstar player who makes ignorant comments about money or that will destroy team unity. Perhaps it’s for publicity in the off-season. If he wants publicity or attention, he should pack his bags and move to Wysteria Lane where there are lots of housewives that like to drop their towels. That’ll give him some headlines.

By the way, if you want to help the guy out, there are some local radio stations such as WIP who are taking collections for T.O. and his mom. They’re collecting money and cans of food. I may break open my piggy bank for him.

Posted to the web by Shawn Rice

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Katie Hodgins

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