People with over two DUI’s should have bigger consequences

By Grace Fox
January 29, 2020

Photo of the Horsham police department. Photo taken by Grace Fox

Every one out of 121 licenses were suspended for drunk driving according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  

There has been an average of 1.5 million arrests for drunk driving per year. 

This has been a major issue with drunk drivers and I believe that this should stop before it gets any worse and more people end up losing their lives because of a stupid mistake.  

I get it if it was a mistake once but if you don’t learn by your mistake the first time and it just keeps happening again, I believe that you should get your license suspended so you will know its a big issue to mess with.

There have been many deaths and many accidents from people under the influence of alcohol. If people don’t stop drinking while under, more people will die.

I believe that if somebody has more than one DUI, they should have their license suspended for 3-5  years and if they keep making the mistake, they should be forced to do a breathalyzer every time before starting their car. 

By doing this, it will decrease accidents and protect all of the people on the road. 

If the police would like to change the number of accidents caused, I think they should start doing drunk checkpoints and make sure that everybody is okay and hasn’t been driving. This will help and cause fewer accidents.

The common age for drunk drivers is around 21-35.  Typically, men cause more accidents than women. However, that doesn’t rule out women completely. This is becoming a trend that will keep occurring.

When getting a DUI in Pennsylvania, you can be sentenced to jail for at least 90 days or $1,000 fine, it all really depends on your case.

It is not fair to other drivers that are doing the right thing and not drinking and drivers  but they could still be the one who pays for your dumb mistake because you couldn’t be responsible and call your friend or an Uber to pick them up. They put others at risk because of their stupid decision.

Do the right thing and don’t drink and drive, it may cost somebody their life but it could also cost you yours. Be responsible when you and drink. Don’t even get into another car with somebody who drank, It’s not a very smart idea, and you and your friends can wind up very injured or worse.

Photo after a car crash. Photo taken by Grace Fox

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Grace Fox

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